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Don't Miss This 15 Min Video on Reanalysis of mRNA trial data

Book Review: "Cause Unknown" - The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022

On The Eve of 2023, The AI Chat GPT-3 Reported: It Is 11-15% Certain That AI Will Make Human Intellect Obsolete

There is One Thing You Can Do About the Discovery of Immune Tolerance of SARS-Cov-2 Due to Repeat Vaccination

James Lyons-Weiler Explains: "CNN's New User Agreement Signals The End for Them"

CNN's New User Agreement Signal The End for Them

"The pharmaceutical industry is dangerous to health. Further proof with COVID-19": Surg Neurol Int. 2022;13:475.

I Gave an AI Paradox for Christmas... and I Think I Broke It.

What AI Thinks About the Theory of the Laboratory Origin of SARS-CoV-2

VN Alexander Deconstructs the Myth of Transhumanism

Peter Hotez Needs a Lesson in Political Science

Bill Gates, WHO, Johns Hopkins Include a Convicted Sex Offender Among Participants As They Run Another Pandemic "Table Top" Exercise. This Time, the Virus Targets Children - Projected 15,000,000 Dead.

Death of Denialism, Long Live Justice:One Of My COVID19 Social Media"Dings" Was To Report Correctly That Israel Signed a Secret Deal w/Pfizer to Trade the Population's Vaccine Outcomes Data for $$$$$

Kwan et al. POTS Following COVID-19 Vaccination vs. Infection: Perspective Manipulation via Baseline Difference Subterfuge and Mixed-Exposure Confounding?

Important Live Analysis Now By The Last American Vagabond - Now

Public Notice: Twitter Has 24 Hours to Reinstate My Account, or I'm Done. For Good. And I Hope You Follow Me Wherever I Decide to Go.

Another, Better Way to Work with Dr. Lyons-Weiler

IPAK-EDU Director's Science Monday Evening Webinar - Gary S. Goldman, PhD

Anthony Fauci's Hubris: Dr. Jack on Kim Monson Show (12/14/2022)

IMPORTANT: Please Help Dr. McCullough Get His Twitter Request Done

IPAK Impact on Biomedical and Clinical Science: Pathogenic Priming by SCV2 Protein Epitopes is Now Mainstream Science

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Tucker Carlson's newscast on "CIA's Murder" of his Uncle "Most Courageous in 60 Years"

Some of The Most-Read Popular Rationalism Articles of The Last Year

Organic Consumers Association: Moms Across America Study Found Glyphosate in >95% of School Lunch Samples - At Massive Levels (Psst: Don't Eat the Cafeteria Pizza! It's Poison!)

The Next Battle Will Be Over Measles Vaccine Failure. Here is Our Preemptive Strike of Facts, Rationality, and Kindness.

China to Stop Using Tracking App. But Has New York?

NIH to Bid "Farewell" to Fauci - And You're Invited - You & Your Friends Can Attend

IPAK-EDU Director's Science Webinar - Four Powerful Guests

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If You Missed the First Zoom Call on Patriot Switch Last Week: Made in America and Green...

Outgoing NIAID Director Anthony "Lockdown" Fauci Doubles Down on Vaccines AND LOCKDOWNS - In BBC Interview

Popular Rationalism SYN (Science You Need): Probiotics Adjuvantive Therapy Alleviates Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder

‘Obsolete, Misguided’: Critics Call Out Pfizer’s Plan for Bivalent Booster for Kids Under 5

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The ‘Twitter Papers’ Reveal the Totalitarians Among Us

Rat Jumps Ship?

USA Today Still Distributing Dangerously Misleading Article About Lockdown Efficacy and Safety

Iatrogenic Illness Course - IPAK-EDU

Pollutants in Human Plasma Found via Double-Filtration Plasmapheresis Plasma Exchange

Help Us Build the Aluminum App! AlumTox App Drive

Epidemiology - What is it, and Why Should You Care?

Our Old Friends ERAP1 and ERAP2 Behind Preclampsia Risk... Who Knew?

Rumble Files Lawsuit to Challenge New York's Social Media Censorship Law

Japanese Ethical Physician and Esteemed Scientist Calls for the Dissolution of the Vaccine Risk & Injury Denialist Committee - to Their Face

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Help Popular Rationalism Tear Down the Walls of Censorship-Enforced Ignorance

On the Sudden Death Pathophysiology of the Vaccine mRNA Molecule

NEJM Study Finds First-Ever Reduction in Rate of Progression of Alzheimer's... Is Lecanemab a Miracle Drug For AD?

Super Special Paying Project for Popular Rationalists: Income Opportunity That Can Change the World

My Body, Your Choice? My Interview on The Kim Monson Show

ICYMI - My Appearance on Wendy Bell Radio

NEWMEDIA CHANNELS Venture Announced!

Modern Irony Re: The Twitter Files

Did Double-Boosted Fauci Commit Perjury During a Seven-Hour Deposition?

On the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Laboratory Origins Hypothesis: What Fauci and Collins Knew, and When They Knew It

The Reports of ZERO Election Fraud are Not Credible

IPAK-EDU Course w/Dr. Kendra Becker - Genetics and Epigenetics of Common Diseases

Mark Your Calendars, See You There! Next Steps: Building The Parallel Society Conference, 2023

Thanksgiving Day - Two Unbreaking Science Episodes! - Broken Link Fixed!

Thanksgiving Day - Two Unbreaking Science Episodes!

Elon Musk Has a Question for You

"Fauci's farewell goes off the rails: White House shuts down reporters asking Biden's retiring adviser about COVID origins - as he suggests Americans get tested and boosted before Thanksgiving"

Podcast Access Points

Tell Elon Musk The Best in Life is Freeing Dr. Lyons-Weiler @lifebiomedguru from Twitter Jail

The COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Data Are Irrelevant for the Current Real-World Situation. BONUS: Pierre Kory's IPAK-EDU Lecture

IPAK-EDU Information Sheet #4 is Published! "What is ADE and Should You Care"

"Federal Rights Are Reinstated" at NY Hospitals

Good Morning! It's Popular Rationalism Appreciation Day. So Let's Sit Down and Have a Coffee

Cognitive Dissonance Analogy Challenge #1

Evidence of Autoimmunity Associated with HPV Vaccination

Love Freedom? Learn The History of Law. IPAK-EDU offers History of Law and Rights - Precis of Lectures - Spring Term

From Substack: "How do I upgrade from being a free subscriber to a paid subscriber?"

Canada Is Being Shipped Acetaminophen to Fight RSV and Flu Due to a "Shortage"? Watch Polly Tommey, Louis Conte and I Discuss Acetaminophen

Vitamin D2 and D3 Study Retrospective Study

Australia Recommends Against Fifth Vaccine Dose as Fresh Covid Wave Builds

Scientists Call for Wholescale Reframing of COVID-19 Vaccination

FTC loses their Internet Connection, cannot search Pubmed, YouTube?

Highwire Breaks the Internet Again: Whistleblowers: SHOCKING Rise in Deaths in NICU Infants and Fetal Demise Post-Vaccination

Video Syllabus for The Art of Creating - A Neuroplastic Approach, Gretchen Moulton IPAK-EDU Instructor

What Makes Biological Processes So Flexible? Intro to Biosemiotics - VN Alexander - Free Webinar Video


Maternal Immune Activation Blunts Proper IL-6 Mediated Brain Microglia Inflammation Response

Editorial (Science, Public Health Policy & the Law): Use of Arbitrary Cycle Threshold (Ct) Values in COVID-19 Virus Detection Must End

Why is The UK Suffering an Unaddressed 9/11-Like Excess Death Rate Every Two Weeks?

The Moms Were Right: The Science of Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy Says Its Use is Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Including ADHD and Autism

Hammond Weighs in On The False Discovery Results Reported by Dr. Sin Hang Lee and Their Significance for SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Trial Data

IPAK EDU Course Instructor Interview: Controversies in Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Diseases

Gaeta Institute's Hormone Health Class Starts TODAY!


A Letter to Neocommunists from an American Popular Rationalist

Democrats Use "Conspiracy" As a De-Legitimization Tactic. They Borrowed it from Pharma. Who Borrowed it from Big Tobacco.

IPAK-EDU The Perils of Coding Humans Course Video Syllabus

Here We Go - COVID-19 Vaccine "Death Code Flipping" Lawsuit Filed in Massachusetts

Autism Following Vaccination and Eczema Following Vaccination Are Linked Causally via IL-6. Are Luteolin and Quercetin Therefore Possible Solutions Post-Vaccination?

Margaret Sanger & the American Eugenics Society: It's Not Pretty, But It's True History. Will It Repeat? Can We Do This Well?

Some Peer-Reviewed Studies for Weekend Reading & Sharing

Neurotrack is About to Launch Their Online Alzheimer's Early Diagnostic Tool. It's Very Cool, Highly Accurate and I Heartily Endorse It.

"There ain't nothing to forgive on my side, baby boo, this is a you problem, and we're still talking about it!"

Why the Fact that Pfizer Did not Study Transmission For the FDA is, Indeed, Scandalous

Enjoy The Speed of Science

Hammond: Lancet COVID-19 Vaccine Study Showing Negative Effectiveness Misinterpreted Real-World Data US CDC Did Not Bother to Collect Data on 15 Adverse Reactions of Interest

IPAK-EDU Needs an Administrative Assistant

Use Pet Flea Collars? Have Kids? An Important Message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Investigate Midwest via The Defender

We Must Change the Regulatory Rules on Vaccine Excipients - NOW - Before They Do Something Else As Stupid as This

Live, Now 8pm ET Nov 1! Stephanie Seneff... Free

IPAK EDU Weekly Science Webinar Week 1: HBOT and COVID-19, HBOT and Long-Haul COVID

Nearly 1,000 Days Late, US Senate Agrees with Me and Concludes Laboratory Spread Most Likely. Plus: Contrary to What Chinese Scientists Said, pShuttle-SN is closer to SARS-CoV-2 than to SARS-CoV-1

Dear Popular Rationalists: This is Why I Appreciate You So Much

Prevalence, FP, TP and Biased FP:TP When Prevalence is Low

Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms Fatal Flaw in PCR Testing: 42% False Discovery Rate for SARS-CoV-2 nonQ-RT-PCR Test. This means COVID-19 Vaccine Outcomes Rate Data are Unreliable and Invalid

Why Actor Tim Robbins's Apology Matters

Tomorrow, 9AM: The Most Important Substack Article Published to Date

Friday Evening Hope

Reminder: This Saturday, 7pm ET - World Premiere of "Tip Toe to Tyranny" - Librti Social Media and Vaccine Choice Canada

From Igor Chudov: CDC' Data Show Moderna Vaccine Doubles Risk Infant Death Compare to Pfizer Vaccine

Globalism: A Critical Appraisal

Black Plague Left a Genetic Imprint in Four Genes in Europeans: Specific Genetic Variants Found in Survivors Indicate Plague Deaths Involved Metal-Based "Medical" Treatments

Repeated Exposures to SARS-CoV-2 Spike Proteins Associated with Increased Risk of Adverse Events

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Megan Kelly: COVID Orthodoxy, Fauci's Legacy, and War in Ukraine

The World Health Organization Published, and Then Buried, the Truth About RT-PCR-Based Diagnosis of COVID-19

Thank You, Dr. Hickie!

More Studies on VitA and Measles

FDA and CDC Emails Show FDA Bowed to Pressure from CDC to Approve COVID-19 Boosters Without Any Science

From The Defender: FDA Slow-Walked Studies on COVID Vaccine Safety Signals in Elderly

WOW. What a Compilation of Facts on Vaccine Failure!

From Dr. Paul Thomas: The Vaccine Friendly Plan

Did You Know... 200,000 IU of vitamin A given for two days was studied on mortality from measles and...

You're Invited: IPAK-EDU Weekly Science Webinar

A Message to Kris Held, MD

Cancer Support & Prevention Course 2022 - Gaeta Institute

Fired Unvaccinated NYC Workers Win Reinstatement with Back Pay

NYC Democrats Are Destroying Each Other Keeping Public Sector Vaccine Mandates Longer Than Private Sector Mandates

Facebook Publishes Pfizer Ad with Clear Misinformation on Natural Immunity

EPOCH TIMES: Judge Strikes Down NYC Vaccine Mandate for All City Workers After Over 2,000 Workers Suffered Termination

IPAK-EDU Announces the Haleigh Jenna Golden Scholarship

Judge Orders Fauci to be Deposed on Social Media Censorship - Michael P. Senger

The Stages of Totalitarianism—America is moving from Authoritarian to Totalitarian

The End of Fact-Checking: Introducing True North and Alexandra (Elly) Marshall, The Latest Vanguards of Rationalism

When Did the US Go Off the Rails on Informed Consent?

Is Geert Right? Let's Hope Not.

Tip Toe To Tyranny Premiere

Making A Killing Documentary

Endonuclease fingerprint indicates a synthetic origin of SARS-CoV-2

Who are We, and Who (or What) Do We Want to Become? An Evolutionary Perspective on Biotransformative Technologies

Assumptions of the t-test are almost never tested, and are almost always violated to some degree

Anti-Science NHS Scotland and NHS England Go Full-On Vaccine Risk Knowledge AVERSION

What Will Happen if ACIP Does Recommend the COVID-19 Vaccines for Children

What Really Happened @ ACIP Today

Calling on Popular Rationalists to "Chris Hickie Protest" Paid Subscriptions and Donations

Wall Street Journal: HHS Officials Dumped Stock on the Eve of the Pandemic

CDC's ACIP Committee Meeting on COVID-19 Vaccines on the Childhood Schedule Live Blogged

Science, Public Health Policy & the Law has Accepted Dr. Sin Hang Lee's Study of the Flaws of Non-Quantitative RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Detection - Part 1

How the BU Scientists Created the Hybrid Gain-of-Function Lab Variant Showing the Spike-Only Vaccines Caused Vaccine Escape

Twitter, Facebook, Others, Take a Note: Offending Someone is a Fundamental Right

Audit of Health Department Finds Thousands of COVID-19 Vaccines Stored Incorrectly, Could Lead to Ineffective Immune Response

Hammond Answers Cowan's "Five Simple Questions for Virologists"

Astounding Discovery! Sanger Sequencing and Mass-Spectrometry Agree on SARS-CoV-2 Protein Sequences From NGS!

Over 500,000 Pubmed articles mention "VIRUS" and "control group" or "control samples" or "negative control" or "positive control"

Nate Doromal Ponders Existential Virology

Meryl Nass, MD:"(My) Board of Medical Licensure Hearing October 11... went very well

Phil Harper Reminds Us: Pfizer's Eventual Transmission Reduction Data Were Fraudulent

From Steve Kirsch

Transcend Fear: A Blueprint for Mindful Leadership in Public Health

Vaccine Study: Monkeypox Post-Vaccine Breakthrough Risk is 1500 Times Greater than General Monkeypox Infection. Before Your Adjust for Demographics. After adjustment, it's Only 50 Greater

IPAK-EDU Will Be Developing and Offering a Formal Course in Logic and Reason. Here's How You Can Help.

Parasitology Course @ IPAK-EDU

Knowledge About Lack of Protection Against Transmission is Old, Not New

Pathogenic Priming, My Predicted Nightmare

SARS-CoV-2-like Spike Protein Sequences with Affinity to hACE2 Were Present in the Public Databases in 2005. Plus, a Hint on SARS-CoV-2 Laboratory Origin

Meet My Friend Vinu

Need A Compilation of Misleading Information from the US Government on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2?

No, Fauci Did NOT Admit What He Got Wrong During COVID-19

Yet Another Final, Respectful Response to Virus Denialism.

New IPAK-EDU Information Sheet: A Tale of Eight Mice - COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccine Safety

If You Have Reported an HPV Vaccine Adverse Event to VAERS, You May Want to Check Your Report

Hallmarks of Fascism: A World Without Dissent

Dr. Paul Offit Is Having A Busy October Misleading the Public

Dr. Blaylock on "Tea Time"

The Vaccine Course starts TONIGHT

>1,000,000 READS!!!

The Perils of Coding Humanity: A Response to Transhumanism (IPAK-EDU, January)

Welcome to IPAK-EDU, Dr. Vanden Bossche!

IPAK Launches "Detoxify Our Schools" Program

Yikes! Time to Educate Schoolboards

US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Health Care Worker Vaccine Mandate Challenge Case

New Data Support Vaccine-Induced Pathogenic Priming from Vaccine but Not from Infection

The Next Pandemic Will Come from Vietnam, Laos, or Myanmar: A Tale of Spies and Viruses

They Silenced Science

Metallomics analysis for early assessment and individualized intervention of neurodevelopmental disorders

(From EWG) BREAKING NEWS: EPA Withdraws Flawed Glyphosate Decision!

Act Now To Tell The EPA - Get Atrazine Out of Our Food Supply

CDC's "Mea Culpa" Aluminum Study Finds 19%-26% Increase in Risk of Persistent Asthma per 1000 mg Injected Vaccine-Derived Aluminum

Evidently, there are not enough COVID-19 cases; CDC no longer recommends universal masking in health facilities.

New Study from IPAK: Results Shows that a Retracted Study Should Not Have Been Retracted. Now What?

Dr. Nass's Most Important Article to Date

Registration is Closing for Fall IPAK-EDU Classes Soon

#GetJackBack Campaign

Attkisson: Former EcoHealth Alliance VP says Fauci-funded group 'developed' Covid-19

Big News: IPAK Phase 2 Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study to be Published Monday

Study: Vaccine Risk Awareness Tied to Concern Over Moral Concerns Over "Purity"

Join Me In Western PA Next Month

How I Know the Pandemic is Over

McGill University Evidently Needs to Hire an Immunologist and a Bioethicist - and Work on Their Academic Hegemony

Clearance, biodistribution, and neuromodulatory effects of aluminum-based adjuvants. Systematic review and meta-analysis: what do we learn from animal studies?

Is Paul Offit a Sitting Duck for ADE?

IPAK-EDU Information #2 is Published! Here's How to Access and How to Use These

Patients Should Discuss This Article with Their Physicians in Local Hospitals BEFORE They Get COVID-19

Update to "The Decay of Actual Knowledge Generation from Biomedical Research Science from 2008 to 2022 is Horrifying"

The Decay of Actual Knowledge Generation from Biomedical Research Science from 2008 to 2022 is Horrifying

Daily Mass Casualty Disasters: Regenerative Thinking, not Sustainability, is the Solution

IPAK-EDU How Not to Be Fooled - Irrational Fear, Control, and Mass Delusional Psychosis

Best Presentation on Myocarditis

The Most Important Article in Months

Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults

NEW! IPAK-EDU Information Sheet Subscription Service

Polly Tommey Wants You To Be a Science Hero

The Rise and Coming Fall of the Pharma-Owned Authoritarian Left in the United States

Old Wine in New Bottles: CDC's "Overhaul" Involves Lowering the Level of Evidence Required for Policy Making

Why are colleges nationwide still forcing students to risk their lives with the experiment?

Environmental Toxins: Our Fight Against Poisons

“Don’t Look Up” Your Science—Herd Immunity or Herd Mentality? A Call to Action for Dr. Meryl Nass

If Public Health Cared About Public Health and Research Ethics...

"F*** you, Dr. Fauci" - Megyn Kelly

Helping Fight the Throttling of IPAK and IPAK-EDU

The Biology of Cancer Course is a GO.

Call Me Crazy, But...

Navigating IPAK-EDU Curricula - And Special Offer for Educators!

Science is Retiring in December.

CDC Used the Wrong Primers: Dr. Lee's Letter to Director Rochelle Walensky

CDC Director Proposes Changes

A Documentary You Will Want to Watch with Your Friends & Family

Hammond Nails Opinion Blog Website Politifact For Lies On Birx's Broken Promises

Never Forget the Broken Promise

JAMA Article: More Evidence of ADE

Episode 1 Popular Rationalism Podcast: Australian Medical Professionals Society Email by President Chris Neil

It is Crystal Clear that For-Profit Allopathic Medicine is Deadly. What Will the US Do About That?

Public Health is Destroying Big Health System Medicine

Watch for News About "Climate Change Anxiety"

Has the Australian Medical Community Finally Come to its Senses?

Answer to: 24-hr Quiz on the Safety Estimates of Vaccine Boosters

CDC, Citing Natural Immunity, Calls COVID-19 "Over", Proving Political Motivation in their Response

Fauci is Utterly Ignorant of Medical Freedom History in the US

24-hr Quiz on the Safety Estimates of Vaccine Boosters

Monday, August Aug 15, 1PM ET

Stay of Action Citizen Petition from SIRI & GLIMSTAD LLP on Behalf of Informed Consent Action Network

MedicalXpress Article, Aug 8, 2022

Where to Find Me on Social Media

Mark Your Calendars! You're Invited!

Evidently, Biden Does Not Know About the False Positive Risk Associated with COVID-19 Testing

My Last Tweet has Sweet Irony

Twitter Suspends Scientist After He Creates His Own Social Media Community on

Announcing Our Popular Rationalism Community on

Bloomberg Cites Non-Peer-Reviewed Data; Gets Burned by CDC Misinformation on Pediatric Deaths Due to COVID-19

IPAK vs. Fauci

Rounding the Earth Round Table Podcast

Fall 2022 IPAK-EDU Courses Are Here!

Buffalo Worm/Soy Burgers, Anyone?

Kim Iversen Resigns The Hill's Morning Show Because She Was Blocked from Questioning Fauci. Join Me in Her Community.

Score Your State and Nation on a 14-Point Totalitarianism Scale

What's Going On With Mass Hospital, Health System Executive Resignations?

IPAK EDU Fact Sheet Service - Sign Up if It Might Help You and Your Organization

How Fauci and Grady Degraded the Standards of Ethical Requirements for Clinical Research in the US Compared to the Rest of the World

Has David Gorski Defamed Dr. Russell Blaylock?

IPAK to Readdress Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study - with Dr. Russell Blaylock as Co-Author

We Are Soused in Toxins, and It's Going to Get Worse (Video Presentation)

Hammond: FDA Relied on Scientific Fraud to Authorize Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine for Infants and Toddlers

The Data Are In... Objective Scientists Were Right All Along (Part 2)

The Data Are In: Objective Scientists Were Right All Along

The Wuhan-1 Spike Protein is a Universal Synergistic Neurotoxin

The Nitrogen Wars: A Lesson from the Netherlands: Carrots for Farmers, Not Sticks

A Perpetual Pandemic is On the Way Thanks to Planned New COVID-19 Vaccines and FDA's Insanity

Realism vs. Constructivism, Determinism, Free Will, and A Wet Blanket for Dictated Realities

The Great Resignation Was Due to Mass Protest Over Proposed and Illegal Workplace Vaccine Mandates, to Eyewitnessed Mass Vaccine Casualties, and to (Really Badly Done) Disinformation

Seeking Donors for Our Pathogenic Priming Research

Your Doctor Needs to Read This. In fact ALL Doctors Need to Read This.

Arnold Monto of the VRBPAC Committee's $176,074.44 Conflicts of Interest Include Payments from Pfizer

What VRBPAC Got Wrong: Who Will Hold FDA and VRBPAC Accountable for Failing America?

FDA Rubberstamps the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Aged 6-17 Based on Insufficient Evidence

How Well Do You Know Your Medical Rights?

The Biology is The Biology is The Biology: The Biology of Sex is Digital. "Gender" has a Cultural Aspect. Many Are Confusing Themselves and Others About These Facts.

Join the army of informed analysts keeping check those who benefit from lies and data misrepresentations.

FDA Caught Creating and Using Unreliable and Inconsistent Data to Create An Illusion of COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy as They Attempt to Justify Approval for Use in Infants and Toddlers

Predicting the Coming Hits: Proxy Dialectical Wars

Mark Your Calendars for Wednesday, June 8 3pm ET

James Lyons-Weiler wins UI Media Red Pill Award for Print

Please Read: We Have 31 Weeks to Protect Freedom in the United States

Looking Back at Delta, This Research Team Engaged, Forewarned, and Were Ignored

CDC and FDA Must Heed Evidence on Contraindications in the Immunocompromised and Revisit Possible Vaccine-Induced Disease Enhancement

Recovering Apraxia, ADHD, Autism

12 Monkeypox Facts: What You Need to Know

The Pathologization of Reason, Logic and Knowledge Will End Western Civilization

Why Jordan Peterson is Wrong About the Fundamental Basis of Science and the Ethics of Open Societies

I Warned You To Watch the FDA. Act Now, or Watch COVID-19 Become Serious in Young Kids

IPAK-EDU Summer Coupons are Here!

United Healthcare Summit now Offers CMEs July 15th & 16th, 2022

Former Nurse Radonda Vaught's Conviction Proves Allopathic "Medicine" is NOT Above the Law

The News Cycles to Shock and Distract You. Why You Need to Stay Hyperfocused on FDA for One Month. This Month.

Yep, Twitter Still Censoring...

Public Notice: Censorship & Attempted Coerced Speech by Twitter The Day After Elon Musk Bought Twitter

Dr. Russell Blaylock on COVID-19

#PopularRationalism Reaches 10,000 Subscribers

Patient Attrition Bias Explains The Latest NEJM Ivermectin Study

Important TdaP/Autism Study Does Not Show Safety In Pregnancy; New Real-World Data Show Increase in Autism Per The Data They Ignored

Fauci Self-Congratulates for the Failed COVID-19 Vaccine Program

Bradford Hill Criteria for Causality Applied to COVID-19 Vaccine Outcomes

ACIP Struggles to Find Language to Use for Path Forward Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters

Why Would Anyone, Including ACIP, Still be Considering "Boosters" At This Point? And it Looks Like New Vaccines are New Vaccines. Why That's Important.

Face the Facts: Money Can Buy Influence, But It Effects are Fleeting in the Face of Empirical Reality

Who Won The Bangladesh Study "Debate"? You Decide

Criticism Among Scientists is Not Disrespect, When Offered Directly, on Target, and Without Judgement

About Those Venom Proteins...

A Short 15-Minute Workshop on Aluminum and Autoimmunity

Fauci & Friends Threw a 100% Hypocritical, 100% Vaccinated Superspreader Event on April 6th


The Math of Vaccine Science

Yale Masking Study Scientist Quits Rational After Debate

UBS Debates: What Did the Massive Bangladesh Masking Study Really Find?

IPAK-EDU Pathogenic Priming Workshop - Link to Video

A Call To Engage Those with Whom We Share a Common Vision

Modern Esoterica Series: The Poverty of the Polynomial

The Evidence for Unacceptably High False Positive Rates is Overwhelming

FDA Approves Fourth Booster for Adults >50 Using a Tiny, Single Non-Randomized, Non-Peer Reviewed Study With Zero Safety Data



Free Pathogenic Priming Workshop

A Fourth Booster Program Will Kill 20 American Citizens and Will Maim 2,500 via Car Accidents on the Way to the Doctor's Office

If You Love IPAK-EDU and Our Mission, You'll Love This Even More

The Hubris of Modern Medicine Caused Billions to Be Injected With "Hidden Genes" in the mRNA Sequences in COVID-19 Vaccines. It's Time We Tell Them We Know.

Will This Mushroom Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

Microbiology for the Masses

We Were Right, and They Were Wrong.

About Those Pfizer Papers and the Denominator FDA Does Not Want You to See

Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Richard Urso Provide Powerful Testimony on Natural Immunity and COVID-19 Vaccination

Pfizer Vaccine Flops... Increased COVID-19 in Young Kids Following COVID-19 Vaccination

Survivorship Bias: Avoiding Skewed Understanding of Long-Haul COVID

CDC Has Finally Been Caught by Legacy Media - And Their Stated Reasons Why are Really, Really Bad

The Impact of Independent Publicly Funded Biomedical Research

Clinical Concerns Over Cerebrovascular Leakage Caused by Chronic Aluminum Exposure are Warranted

Widespread Vaccine Failure is the Reproducibility Crisis in Public Health - Will They Adopt Science or Continue a Failing Denialist Agenda?

Pfizer Whistleblower Case Unsealed

Herbology & Human Health Course

Dr. Jack on the Ripple Effect - Ricky Varanda's Podcast: How Science Became Political, The Great Freedom & Liberty Reset, and How Self-Sacrifice, Stress, Depression & Pain Tolerance Are Related

Send This Article Link to Your Representatives and Physicians

One Word Sums Up "Public Health" in 2022

John Campbell's List of Studies On Natural Immunity

Pfizer Moving Goalposts on COVID-19 Vaccination Endpoints for Toddlers Tanked Their EUA Big, But it's Par for the Course. How it Relates to Pfizer Vaccine Immune Suppression. Plan B.

You Made a Difference Today: No Pfizer Jabs for the Little Ones

Important Survey on Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Hesitancy

Red Flags All Over Pfizer's Bid for EUA for Young Children: No Benefit, Data Leak, Potential P-Hacking: Suffer the Little Children, No Justification For Terrifying Children and Placing Them at Risk

Daddy Facebook

Are the Boosted Really 97 Times Less Likely to Die Than the Unvaccinated?

Sen Johnson's Letter to DOD

Suffering a Massive Loss of Post-COVID Credibility, Fauci Admits He is "Baffled". At This Point, He's His Own Worst Enemy. Keep Talking, Fauci.

Threats, Intimidation Against Doctors, Health Care Workers and Scientists Must End

Interview on PCR Fraud: Kevin Jenkins "The Informed Class"

What Are the Real Risks of Genetic Manipulation Technology? Part 1.

Razing the Free World: The Neil Young Effect

Myocarditis from SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination is Caused by Cell Fusion Caused Spike Protein

Popular Rationalism January 2022 Recap

FB Just Banned This Article, So I'm Asking You To Share it Everywhere

Level of Evidence and Washington Post's Claims of Ivermectin Toxicity

Fact-Checking CNN on Whether Joe Rogan Got "Fact-Checked" By a Guest on Myocarditis

Scott Atlas Addresses Flaws in the Use of PCR Testing for COVID-19

What's Behind The "Live with COVID" Message?

CNN Spreads Dangerous Misinformation on Rates of Serious Adverse Events While Spreading Hate

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Vitamin D and Cancer Risk

Godspeed to the Vaccinated

Intelligent Use of Oxygen and Pressure

European Medicines Agency Warns Boosters May Weaken the Immune Response

Dr. Brownstein's Class at IPAK-EDU

Learn Applied Biostats and Be The Difference

Editorial: UChicago Must End Its Booster Mandate—We Are Not Lab Rats

Become an IPAK-EDU Course On Demand Affiliate

The Great Reset is Underway - But It's Not Quite The One That Klaus & The Globalists Wanted

Pathogenic Priming Verified, Again

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IPAK EDU Immunology Lecture 1 - Course Overview

Rapid Antigen Tests Cannot Distinguish SARS-CoV-2 and HKU-1 - and That's Dangerous

Government Oversight Committee Publishes That Fauci Was Aware of Evidence of a Lab Leak - and May Have Manipulated Science to Cover Up Lab Leak Theory

Science Says... Natural Immunity Following Severe COVID-19 is Superior

CDC Director Said Something Reasonable. The Internet Loses Its Mind. I Add Some Reason.

A Pediatrician Called Me And Asked Me What Would I Do?

Twitter is So... 2020. Find Me on Gettr.

Simple Math Says Boosters Won't Be Tolerated

Israel's Dark Deal with Pfizer

Why and How Mass COVID-19 Testing is Deadly

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Takes the Gloves Off and Causes Chronic Inflammation

Stackerz on Unbreaking Science

Studies Needed on the Oncogenic Potential of COVID-19 Vaccinations

PCR COVID-19 False Positives Will Continue in 2022 - Unless We Act Now

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