As fast as they can, they are trying to find a rug to sweep their fascism under. Many are pathetically seeking to retain legitimacy.
Citing CDC, CNN Promulgates Myths on Vaccine Safety & Efficacy - at a Time in Which Americans Have Zero Tolerance for CDC Propaganda
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In 2009, FDA make a mathematical error. In 2013, they were called out. It's 2022 and they still have not corrected their mistake.
The Vaccinated are Getting COVID. The Vaccinated are Being Hospitalized. The Vaccinated are Dying from COVID.
Understanding the positives and negatives of oxygen in COVID-19 is necessary - and we're not quite there yet.
“We should be careful in not overloading the immune system with repeated immunization…”
I'm delighted that he'll be sharing 15 weeks of wholistic wellness wisdom based on decades of experience and science
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