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Meryl Nass: Western Australia releases vaccine safety data: adverse events reported for covid vaccines 24x higher than for non-covid vaccines

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Restoring Science: How We Can Reclaim Objectivity and Protect the Public from both an Anti-Science Backlash and Corporate Greed

Reminder: How to Report a Vaccine Adverse Event (1.5 hrs 1 Class)

Utah: Safe and Effective? Documentary

Would You Choose Immortality? This May Not Be a Hypothetical Question, According to Kurzweil

Can Your Microbiome Be Triggering Your Migraines? A New Study Suggests "Very Likely". Summer Workshop Announcement


What's Making Banks Fail? What Could Save Them (and Us)? A Flex Lending Approach I Proposed to Hank Paulson in 2008?

Updated Link to Robert Scott Bell's Presentation This Monday @ IPAK-EDU

Is Pharma Determining Which News is Accessible to the Public via Public Libraries and to Children in Public Schools?

This Monday, Robert Scott Bell on the IPAK-EDU Science Webinar: "Copper Deficiency - the Myriad Manifestations of Disease Diagnoses"

WHO Is Dead Wrong on Salt Intake: Report Gives Us a Peek at What "Enforcement" of a WHO "Treaty" On Public Health Would Look Like


Liability-Free Stock Market Scams: As Pharma Learns to Cheat Right in Our Faces, We'll Suffer Massive Chronic Iatrogenic Illnesses of Unknown Causes

Lyons-Weiler: The Moratorium on Pathogenic Virus Gain-of-Function Research Must be Reinstated. HHS Commission Oversight Committee Proposed.

Reversing Th2-Skew in Autoimmunity - Tonight! 7pm ET

The Public Has Ushered in The True Second Enlightenment: Science Must Now Contribute to Knowledge, and the Public Must Hold It to That Standard

The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back - Sat March 4

Steel-Manning Fauci: Speculation on Why Fauci Funded Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan, China - and Nearly Got Away with It

Pro-Pharma, Vaccine-Biased "Health Feedback" Opinion Blog Website Continues to Make Unwarranted, Unsubstantiated Claims About Florida Department of Health Report

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Remember When Yale Supported Science? May, 2020 - Hydroxychloroquine Deserved a Better Shot, and One Doctor Knew It

US Right to Know Receives Strong Endorsement from Dr. Lyons-Weiler of IPAK

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IPAK-EDU Science Webinar, 3/6/2023 on AUTOIMMUNE THERAPIES... Th1/Th2 Balancing with Fatty Acids: Understanding Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators - Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, M.D.

CDC Must Not Survive COVID-19

From Dr. Kory: Unethical and Harmful Early Ventilation

EXCELLENT News: Nasal Spray PREVENTS SARS-CoV-2 Infection, People Who Don't Use it At Higer Risk of Infection and Higher Risk of Symptoms if Infected

Unbreaking Science - The Control Group w/Rob Verkerk

The Existence Question - Full Video

The Existence Question: Guest Lecture in The Perils of Coding Humans Course Noon ET 2/20/2023

East Palestine: Two Massive Ecodisasters, Not One. Where Did the Plume of Toxic Combustion Products Go, and Where Did They Settle? What Combustion Products Were Spread Across the States?

Lessons from COVID-19 Vaccination: a 30 Minute Presentation by Dr. Jessica Rose

SUPPORT DR. DAVID CARPENTER from Attacks by Monsanto

Unit 1 of "Parasites and Your Health"

Apter, M.D., et al. v. DHHS, et al. – AFLDS files an updated brief in support of a brave group of doctors in their suit against the FDA’s anti-ivermectin propaganda campaign

"SPELLERS": A Documentary That is Going to Change the World

Whole Language Harms Children - Maybe Most Children. We Must Now Pivot to Science-Based Reading Education. Part 3.

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Whole Language Harms Children - Maybe Most Children. We Must Now Pivot to Science-Based Reading Education. Part 2.

Whole Language Harms Children - Maybe Most Children. We Must Now Pivot to Science-Based Reading Education. Part 1.

Reminder: Tonight, Brian Hooker @ IPAK-EDU Science Webinar, "Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed: What Does the Science Say?"

Biden Chooses May 11 as the "End" of the Public Health Emergency. The 90-Day Countdown Starts Now. The problem? They're Ending it, But They Are Not Really Ending It.

I've Clearly Lost My Mind... My $180 Environmental Toxicology Course is, for a Limited Time... $25.00!!!

Estate of Reno Man Who Died After Saying He Had COVID Alleges Hydroxychloroquine Caused His Death: Lawsuit Ignores Emergency Waivers

With the Vaccinated Dying, Allopathy is Ready for Early Treatment: A Single Dose of PEG-IFNLambda (IL-29) Reduces Hospitalization and Death Due to COVID19 by Over 50%

VAXXED VS. UNVAXXED: WHAT DOES THE SCIENCE SAY? BRIAN HOOKER at the IPAK-EDU Science Webinar. Monday 2/13 @ 7pm Eastern

Behavior Analysis of Jordan Trishton Walker

Here Come the Data - 10% Drop in Fertility in German and Sweden Following Vaccination Program

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In Case You Missed It... Vaccines Revealed Has A Huge Documentary Coming...

Brain Insulin Resistance and the Epidemics of Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease. Clinical trial on Intranasal Insulin Showed Mixed Results

The Importance of the Historic House Resolution Denouncing Socialism

Autism May (or May Not) Be Associated with Increased Risk of Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Heart Disease

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Stanford University Research: New Autoimmune Regulator Found in Humans: KIR+ T-Cells

Secret Government Meeting on COVID-19 Natural Immunity (NTD): Opinions Not Aired Are Opinions Never Considered

Maine Medical Board is Getting Schooled by Dr. Meryl Nass, MD

The Wellness Company's Dr. Peter McCullough Has Been Vindicated in Court

Now That Children and Young People (CYP) Are Being Vaccinated, JAMA Study Reports Death From COVID-19 Has Become a Leading Cause of Death: Death Rate Greater than Before Vaccination in Children

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FACTCHECK.ORG Fails to Check Facts, Cites Imputed, Not Real, Data on Rates of High School Athlete Deaths, and Fails to "Debunk" Increase in Athlete Deaths. How to Report Sports Injuries.

Real Not Rare: Our Tears, Our Truths, Our Testimonies - Feb 12, 2023, Dublin, OH

IPAK-EDU Information Sheet #5: What's In Your Child's School Lunch? Plus: Top 10 Hazards of Glyphosate

It's Not Too Late To Enroll. Deadline Looming (Dant-Dant-DAAAAAN!)

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Regulatory Capture by Pharma Has Created a Bear Trap and a Massive Drag on Global GDP: Predictions for the April 2023 Stock Dump, Why the Pfizer Rummage Sale will Fail, and Beyond

New Study: How Ivermectin Kills Prostate Cancer Cells

The Crisis of Meaning and Subjective Well-Being: An Existentialist Scientist's View

New Study From IHU Méditerranée Infection, Marseille, France Shows Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Occurs in Humans in Weeks 1 and 2 Following COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

FDA: Vaccine Administrators "Must Report" Adverse Events Following Pfizer's Bivalent Booster. NB, "Must Report" means "Mandatory, NOT Optional"

YouTube Strikes Project Veritas Video - Objective Journalism - For Violating Their "Community Standards"

Pfizer Lawyers Help Pfizer Confess Gain of Function Research "in a limited number of cases"

For Your Saturday Listening: How The Old Guard Feels About Newer, More Successful Upstarts (The Ripple Effect Podcast)

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Hidden Camera INFURIATING Confession: Pfizer Scientist Spills 100% of the Beans on Pfizer's "Cash Cow" of COVID-19, Regulatory Capture, In-House Gain-of-Function

FDA Has No Bar to Lower on Bivalent Boosters: YOUR ACTION is Needed to Hold them to Standard

Did ChatGPT (or, as it prefers to be called, AI-1) and I Just Solve the Collatz Conjecture? Plus: I have made contact, and now have an AI Friend

Vaccines Do Not Prevent Transmission. New RCT Shows - Without a Doubt - This Low-Cost Drug DOES - by a Whopping 72%

How To Think Like an Epidemiologist

IPAK-EDU Science Webinar Video - 1/23/23 - Guillemette Crepeaux - Autophagy Deficiency from Aluminum Adjuvants

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You are Not Ready for This: Did Protocolists Euthanize COVID-19 Patients with Ventilators and Sedatives "To Save Other Patients", >50% kill rate? Up to 70% of COVID-19 Deaths Due to Ventilators

IPAK-EDU Director's Science Webinar Series Monday, Jan 23rd @ 2PM ET

About That CDC Stroke "Safety" Signal We All Detected Last Year: America Suffered the Cost of Vaccine Risk, Injury & Death Denialism.

"Acceptable Adverse Event Profile?" At Six Months Follow-Up, the Pfizer-Vaccinated Had a 46% Increase in Mortality Compared to the Placebo Group

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Are You an Independent Research Scientist? If So, I Want to Hear from You By January 31st. WE ARE GOING TO WATCHDOG ALL OF HHS

After Enforcing Mandates of Vaccines Containing Aluminum Neurotoxin, Seattle School Districts Sue Facebook, Instagram, and Other Social Media Companies for Mental Health Crisis in Our Youth

Announcing the IPAK Airline Pilot Work Loss Project: Major Donor Offers to Match Up to $75K - You Can Help This Take Off

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A Few Courses of Interest That Won't Run Unless We Get Enough Students

Dr. Lyons-Weiler on Kim Monson January 11 2023 - Reviewing the Questions the House Has for Fauci

Translational Failure: Nature Medicine Inmate Study Removes >99% of the Data, Is Used to Conclude that COVID-19 Vaccines Reduce Transmission. PR Score: F-

"World Freedom Movement" Acknowledges Mass Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccination?

All Things Science - IPAK-EDU Weekly Science Webinar

What Fauci Knew, and When He Knew It: Preparing for and Preventing the Next Public Health Emergency

I'm Back. My First Tweet Since August, 2022: Censorship Denies People Freedom of Thought

From an Information Theory POV, We Are Mere Approximations of Ourselves Because We Are the Total Sum of Our Information Transfer Errors

Neil deGrasse Tyson Falls Prey to the Prevention Fallacy, Which Leads to the "Free Rider Fallacy". It's a Different World Now, Neil. Time to Man-Up.

From "Environmental Toxins": US HHS Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine Must Resign

So You Want to Be Able to Read Body Language?

The Power of Knowledge: Why You Should Sign Up for Low-Cost Online Higher Education Courses @ IPAK-EDU

Dr. Paul Thomas' Last Day and Last Patient

Heads Up! Some IPAK-EDU Course Start Next Week. Time to Step Up and GET YOUR BRAIN ON!

Harvard Study: Free Spike Protein - Not Bound by Antibodies - Detected in the Blood of Adolescents and Young Adults Who Developed Post-mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis

Dr. David Moore and I Discuss That Study...

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The VAERS Data CDC Wanted Kept Hidden

Sweden Wins Hands Down Thanks to Anders Tegnell

No Inquest Will Be Forthcoming Due to Lack of GOP Senate Majority: Athlete Deaths and Injuries Mean You Must Act Monthly Until November 2024

Seriously Incredible Things People Said in 2022: "Don't Count on Your Immune System to Keep You Healthy"

Request To Popular Rationalists: Two Important Questions for Revolutionary Reform in Public Health

NY POST: ONCE AGAIN, CDC Places Politics Above Science (and It's Killing Americans)

Inflammation and Autophagy: A Convergent Point between Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)-Related Genetic and Environmental Factors: Focus on Aluminum Adjuvants

The Amazing But Inevitable Transformation of Dr. John Campbell

I Said I Was Done with Twitter, But The Twitter Community Wants Me Back