What is IPAK-EDU?

IPAK-EDU is an online learning place for adults from all walks of life to come together and take courses on fundamental and advanced topics in a college or university type setting they would otherwise never have access to.

Our courses are not “dumbed down” for the public. On the contrary, for some of our advanced courses, our goals have been specifically to create courses that are among the world’s best.

Who Attends?

Adults 17 and over are welcome to attend IPAK-EDU courses. To date, they have included people with past learning experience ranging from high school diplomas to Ph.D.s and M.D.s. Anyone can participate.

Are Classes Available After the Live?

How long do courses last? Each class is usually around 15 weeks, with 15 1-hr lectures per week, plus Q&A following each class. Individual course meetings are scheduled to occur at the same time each week.

Are Classes Available After the Live?

Yes. All class meetings, minute the Q&As, are sent to participants as a password-protected online video.

Is There a Deadline for Registration?

Yes. Registration closes each semester 60 days after the start of the class.

  • Spring Term: Registration Opens: Jan 1, Closes, Feb 28

  • Summer Term: Registration Opens: June 1, Closes Jul 31

  • Fall Term: Registration Opens: Sept 1, Closes Oct 31

Are Monthly Payment Options Available?

Yes, we offer a four easy payment option via Paypal. Those options are accessible online.

Where Can I Find an Easy-to-Review List of Open Courses?

Our Registration Page has a list of all courses that are currently open arranged by Curriculum Track.


I Teach at a College or University. How Can I Offer My Class via IPAK-EDU?

Send a resume and a course proposal, along with a Syllabus (usually 15 class meetings), to info@ipak-edu.org.