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An Open Letter to the FDA on Ivermectin and COVID-19 Treatments

The Vaccine Lifecycle Leads to Vaccine Failure. But Do Vaccines Inevitably Led to Disease Enhancement?

Vaccinated Patients with Cancer who Develop Breakthrough Infection Remain at Risk of Severe Outcomes

Both Moderna and Pfizer Spike Protein Contain the ADE-Related Epitope - and I Found Something Weird Encoded by Pfizer's mRNA

Study Suggests That Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Selection Triggered Disease Enhancement in Delta and Its Spread

As Evidence of Pathogenic Priming Mounts, Calls for New Medical Approaches to Mute Autoimmunity Must Be Addressed

Will Omicron Save Us from Vaccine Induced ADE?

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Regulatory Capture is Killing Us, and We Are Two Steps Away from the Totalitarian Fascist Regulatory States of America

Sense-Making on Omicron: There are 50 Ways Survivors Can Be Immune - and In Spite of Headline, Nothing Suggests Natural Immunity Won't Protect You

Now Wait Just a Minute. Breakthrough Infections Should Not Be INCREASING, But They Are

The Center for Perception Control Should Be Shuttered. Its Lies Are Maiming and Killing People.

Entropy and Hubris = Disaster.

COVID-19 Protocolists are Killing People. By-Demand NOW. You Must Act Now.

Myocarditis Risk from the Vaccine vs. Virus: the UK Study

Some Light Reading on Immunology

Regulatory Irregularities Re: COVID-19 Vaccination Review and Approval

Dr. Peter McCullough on The Joe Rogan Show - Links to Resources (Urgent Share)

Profit and Science Are a Deadly Mix: A Sincere Message to Fauci and Andrew Hill

CDC Is Hiding Data on COVID-19 Cases in the Recently Vaccinated. Make Them Show Us The Data.

In the United States, Vaccination Rates Are Associated with Increased Rate of Spread of SARS-CoV-2, But Not How They Should Be

Spike-Only Vaccine a Colossal Blunder: Michigan State University Shows SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Escape is Due to Vaccination

#Censorship: Why Did YouTube Wait an 1.4 Years to Censor This Interview? Help Fight Back

Who Gets More COVID-19? Vaccinated or Unvaccinated? Here's How to Tell.

Life-Saving Medicine: By Demand Laws Needed NOW

Confusing Public Health Messaging Kills: Resources on Early Aggressive Treatment

Fauci Slips it in Again, Nudges Omicron as "Serious"

Two Studies Provide Evidence that CDC Is Still Both Overcounting COVID-19 Deaths and Undercounting COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

FDA Panel Just Barely Recommends Molnupiravir. Data Show Birth Defects in Rats

"Re-Fact": A Word That Just Might Set Us Free

Five Studies on mRNA Vaccine Spike Protein Pathogenicity. Share With Your Doctor.

Fauci's Most Blatant and Harmful Political Statement Yet. His Laughing was Inappropriate and Weird

Fauci Puts Another Lockdown on the Table

Moderna Promises New Omicron Variant Vaccine. Can They Just Do That Without New Trials?

Evidence that Natural Immunity is Better: Odds of of Severe, Critical and Fatal COVID-19 in Reinfection Greater in the Vaccinated than in the Naturally Immune

We Saw This Coming... Increased Risk of New Variant Infection in the Vaccinated Only

Forbes Acquires Time Machine, Says Vaccine Failure will Be Officially Acknowledged by WHO - What You Need to Know

RNA Editing as an Apparently Paradoxical Molecular Immune Defense with a Role in Autoimmunity

New England Journal of Misinformation

Fact Check: No, Pfizer-BioNtech Did Not Report "100% Long-Term Protection" of their Vaccine in12-15 year olds, and No Scientific Evidence is Available that Shows It Was "Well Tolerated"

Ethical Doctor Practicing Ethical Medicine Reports 0/2000 Hospitalization Rate in Patients Treated for COVID-19

If Vaccines Work, Then How is it Possible That We See This Pattern?

Spike Protein Factories Are Creating Pathogenic Spike Proteins

Fauci Pins Public Health on Spit & Prayer

They Could Not Detect Disease Enhancement if It Smacked Them in the Face

What Exactly Did Fauci Know, and When Did He Know It?

The African COVID-19 Miracle

COVID-19 and 'Conspiracy Theory': Who Decides What's 'Misinformation'?

Physicians, Heal Thyselves: Ethical Physicians Had Better File A Winning Case Against CMS Soon - and Make 45 CFR 46 and OSHA Cases Their Model

You Tell Me... Is CNN Now Blatantly Racist?

ACIP, FDA, CDC Have No Data, But Approve Boosters For All

Where Do New Variants REALLY Come From?

The Gibraltar Experiment: Fully Vaccinate Your Population, and You Get Evidence That Boosters Do Not Work

The Dangerous Arrogance of Allopathic Medicine

If You Read One Thing on SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Pathogenesis, Read This (Part 1)

The Dangers and Poverty of Subjectivism and a Call to Epistemic Responsibility

Neo-Leninism is on Your Doorstep, and You “Know” It, But You Don’t Even Know It

Three Years Later After IPAK Alerted 100 Deans of School of Medicine on Acetaminophen, This Happened...

PERMANENT Stay on OSHA's EMS: Ruling Puts Public Health in its Proper Place

The Argument Over Natural Immunity is Over. It's Time to Update Policy.

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms: "We Said Hold On There, OSHA"

It's Happening Here

You Will Want to Share This One. More Physicians Come Out Against COVID-19 Vaccination in Children

What Would Happen if the PCR Test Were Disproven?

Do COVID-19 Vaccines Still Qualify for Emergency Use Authorization?

European Medicines Agency Plans to Rush Review of molnupiravir

Pathogenic Priming in Belgium - 100% ICU Admissions are Vaccinated

The Preliminary Injunction is Here. Here Are Some Critically Important Resources on PCR False Positives

Why I Created an Online University

Forensic Behavioral Analysis: Anthony Fauci

Pharmaceutical Abuse of the Public Justified via Junk PharmaScience: The Death Letter

NIH Emails Prove Fauci Lied to Congress - Twice

New Disease Described Afflicting Physicians: COI-Induced Mortality Blindness Disorder (CIMBD)

PCR Proven An Unmitigated Disaster: Italy Reduces its COVID-19 Death Number by 97%. We Tried to Warn You.

Raise Your Hand If You Want to be "Deprived" of Genetic Engineering. It's Time to Cancel Fauci & Schwab.

Report Finds Increased Risk of Spontaneous Abortion Following COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy

CDC's So-Called "Green Zones" Would Be Horrific Pits of Despair. We Need Ethical Medicine.

The Calls for the Ban on Gain of Function Research from the 2000's, and the Tunnel Vision of GOF Proponents are Haunting in 2021

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How The Definition of "Fully Vaccinated" Misleads People on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety & Efficacy: An Explanation For CNN's Drew Griffin

The Three Most Important Misunderstood Concepts Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacotoxicology/Biokinetics

Public Fear Brings Easy Money to Vaccine Committee Members

The Disease Burden of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (

ATTN: Displaced Medical Professionals and Academics - Creating Opportunity

Post Your COVID19 Policy Questions For Dr. Jack

The Missing COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Data - and What Joe Rogan Taught Sanjay Gupta

Pathways to Immunity: How Joe Rogan's Speculation on Post-Vaccination Infection Could Move Science Forward

Witness to the Crimes of the Millennium: A Portfolio of Criminal Negligence and Malfeasance

The US Buries Its Head While the UK Turns to Early Treatment

REALITY CHECK: Nurses Are Leaving Hospitals Due to "Unsafe Work Conditions" (USA Today)

Medical vs. Legal vs. Moral Authority in the US, or Why You Are a Libertarian But Don't Know It

An Evolutionary Explanation on Why Natural Immunity is Vastly Superior

The Extraordinary Hypocrisy of Molnupiravir

Meet COVID-19 Early Outpatient Treatment Expert Dr. Harvey Risch

The Vaccine Safety Signals Everyone Can See - Except Alleged Felons at the CDC & FDA, That Is

Shhh... CDC Lowered the Recommended Fluoride Levels for Drinking Water... Pass it On

Who Are the World's Leading Authorities in COVID-19 Treatment?

Food Pollution May the Number One Environmental Threat to Human Wellness. You (More Specifically, You & Your Wallet) Are the Solution.

Leanna Wen Wants To Strip You of The Right to Travel - and to Force You to Stay Home

Essential Readings on Corporatist Scientific Fraud

First Interview on The Predicted Increased Rate of Evolution of Synthetic Humans Compared to Organic Humans

Natural vs. Vaccine Immunity: Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Wipe Out Natural Immunity?

Do Medicofascists Know They Are Fascists?

Evolutionary Theory Warns Against Adoption of Elon Musk's Strategy to Join AI and Against Systematic Modification of the Human Germ Line

Cleaning House at the CDC? For Better or for Worse? That's Now Entirely Up to Dr. Walensky

The LA County School Board Have Lost Their Minds... But the Medical Oligarchy Will be Overthrown Sooner Than You Think

Dr. Ioannidis - I'm Sorry to Have to Be So Blunt, But In Public Health vs. Science, Science Always Wins

Lex Fridman Has It Right: Public Health Mangles Uncertainty. But He Has It Wrong on "Why"

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