Pathogenic Priming in Belgium - 100% ICU Admissions are Vaccinated

Belgian Doctor Gives Most Recent Statistics

When I published my study on pathogenic priming in April, 2020, it was meant as a warning. The evidence was in from past COVID vaccine development attempts: vaccination against coronaviruses had led to DISEASE ENHANCEMENT.

I had hoped vaccine makers would have paid heed and would have excluded the unsafe epitopes from their vaccines. I gave them a roadmap.

Now, in Belgium, 100% of ICU admissions are among the vaccinated. Only 40% of the Belgium population are vaccinated*

I’m ready to call it: The COVID-19 vaccination program causes Disease Enhancement, likely via numerous possible means: from molecular mimicry leading to autoimmunity, or antibody-dependent enhancement, Pathogenic Priming has Antwerp, Belgium in its grip

Transcript (Google Translated):

Dr. Kristiaan Deckers, GZA Hospitals

“even more radical about for those who would faithfully think that the intensive care now follows with not vaccinated that is no longer correct us right now we see a large majority are so-called breakthrough infections and that is different from to me a few weeks ago indeed not a majority vaccinated patients in intensive had at the moment that is no longer the case have the patients we have now put on intensive.

I checked it yesterday are actually all vaccinated.”

Lyons-Weiler J. Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity. J Transl Autoimmun. 2020 Apr 9;3:100051. doi: 10.1016/j.jtauto.2020.100051. PMID: 32292901; PMCID: PMC7142689.

*Forty-percent came from OWDI. Various other sources report up to 75% vaccinated (one or two doses).

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