New Disease Described Afflicting Physicians: COI-Induced Mortality Blindness Disorder (CIMBD)

Physicians Under Contract from Pharma Found Most Susceptible

A long-suspected illness has now been confirmed by new evidence. Our index patient is Dr. Camille Kotton, and orthopedic specialist who serves on the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices. The condition appears to involve COVID-19, so the HIPAA non-enforcement policy allow us to explore this patient’s condition in detail.

The first evidence of this condition is found in a “Tweet” from Dr. Kotton, moments after she, along with other ACIP members, voted to approve of COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 5 to 11.

She can see these numbers.

But the suspected CIMBD prevents her from seeing these numbers:

Experts who have studied the CIMBD syndrome are divided between whether its victims are actually unable to see such data. An alternative hypothesis is that the victims suffer from idiopathic selective aphasia - the inability to communicate about such data. Whether the defect is selective blindness or selective aphasia, experts are united in their understanding of the root cause of the illness.

Evidence of her illness can be found in the Open Payments resource

A search of Dr. Camille Cotton’s reveals substantial conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies:

The bulk of which came to her in the form of consulting fees:

It’s telling that Dr. Kotton has been reimbursed for $1.84 for education - in two payments.

A few things to note: Her data on COVID-19 deaths in children 5-11 years is not adjusted for PCR false positive rates (which Dr. Sin Hang Lee has estimated to be >90%), and so they amount, in total, to about 3 deaths per year. Recalling that CDC conflates “PCR+” with “COVID-19”, and that “died with” is conflated with “died from”, it is now established that actual number of deaths in children due to COVID-19 is unknown but is likely vastly over-reported.

Here’s the number of deaths in VAERS since the onset of the vaccination program for each of her selected virus/vaccine combinations (Data source: CDC’s VAERS, likely very conservative, no Under-Reporting Factor adjustment):

Hepatitis A Vaccine-related deaths: 73 (2.7 deaths per year)

Meningococcal (ACWY) Vaccine-related deaths: 78 (4.875 deaths per year)

Varicella Vaccine-related deaths: 78 (3 deaths per year)

Rubella Vaccine-related deaths: 132 (2.53 deaths per year)

Rotavirus Vaccine-related deaths: 457 (15.75 deaths per year)

These estimates may be underestimated by a factor of 10-100.

If you cannot see the above estimates, you, too, may be suffering from CIMBD. Consult with your accountant or an ethicist.

Sadly we now await the data from COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths (5-11 years, 2022-2023) that the likes of Cotton and the rest of the conflicted ACIP committee won’t be able to see. Deaths. 5-11 years. Following vaccines.

Right now, there are zero.

Credit to Steve Kirsch for pointing out the vision deficiency afflicting certain sectors of society.

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