You Will Want to Share This One. More Physicians Come Out Against COVID-19 Vaccination in Children

I'm essentially completely shadow-banned on FB and blocked on Twitter. Please forward this to your physician.

An article in the Washington Times by Larry Kwak, MD, PhD, Steven T. Rosen, MD, Idit Shachar, PhD should be read by every physician.

"As physician-researchers who have pioneered the invention of vaccines and other experimental drugs for over 30 years (against cancer), we feel compelled to highlight the need for caution and honest public debate about potential long-term consequences of the available COVID-19 vaccines. Operation Warp Speed successfully enabled rapid deployment of vaccines under emergency use authorization, but we believe there are urgent reasons to apply the brakes on mass vaccine mandates for children.

Disturbing short-term complications from COVID-19 vaccines in adults, including myocarditis, blood clots in the brain, and neurological disorders, warrant us to pause.  But we must be transparent that the real threat to children is the unknown long-term complications..."

Larry W. Kwak, MD, Ph.D. was named to the TIME100 for his contributions to the science of cancer vaccines and is a former advisor to FDA; Steven T. Rosen, MD is Director of a U.S. National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center and a pioneer in the development of monoclonal antibody and precision drugs for cancer; Idit Shachar, Ph.D. served as a department chair at one of the world’s leading scientific research institutes in Israel and has been awarded several patents for treatment of autoimmunity and cancer.

Read more at The Washington Times “Applying brakes on 'Warp Speed' COVID-19 vaccinations for children: The long-term side effects are unknown”


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