It's Happening Here

Public Health has taken over every part of government - and they are following Hitler's blueprint. The evidence is available, for all to see.

In Sinclair Lewis’ novel “It Can’t Happen Here”, a fascist dictator comes to power in the United States. Published in 1935, it was a warning to Americans that the false appeal of “strong government” should be tempered - heavily - by protection of individual rights.

Recent events in the US bear comparison. Via a series of administrative rule overreach, a massively powerful oligarchy is forcing itself on America. Most of the mainstream media are complicit. What you’re about to read will be chilling - and therefore I urge my readers to put their thoughts toward logic, reason, compassion and the gift of composed resolve.

Criminalize Dissent. The Nazis passed a law called “The Malicious Attacks” law, which criminalized the act of criticizing The Party.

Vaccine activist Dr. Peter Hotez of the Baylor School of Tropical Medicine believes that it is not enough to support the official narrative put out by Public Health. Hotez thinks that written and spoken “attacks” on their research should be criminalized.

From Jonathan Turley:

“This suggestion is just one of a number of ideas briefly put forward to support scientists but it is the most chilling.  Referring Nazi and fascist movements in history, Hotez argues that good science requires cracking down on the right.  (Hotez) concludes:

‘“As Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel once pointed out, neutrality or silence favors the oppressor. We must take steps to protect our scientists and take swift and positive action to counter the growing wave of far-right antiscience aggression. Not taking action is a tacit endorsement, and a guarantee that the integrity and productivity of science in the United States will be eroded or lose ground.’”

Hotez wants to criminalize criticism - speech - under hate crimes laws and has the gall to quote Elie Wiesel on “neutrality or silence”. One wonder how his brain fails to recognize that he is using Wiesel’s calls to speak out to silence those who speak out.

What Hotez is ignoring is that Nobel Laureates, physicians and scientists are criticizing Public Health. And I have news for Hotez and anyone else in public health: If you can’t take criticism when you fuck up, you’re not a Scientist.

Turely continues:

“(S)ocial media companies have already enforced a massive censorship program that bars even reporting the results of public clinical trials or repeating CDC positions on vaccinations. For a year, Big Tech has been censoring those who wanted to discuss the origins of pandemic and those who suggested the lab theory were attacked as right-wing conspiracy theorists.  It was not until Biden admitted that the virus may have originated in the Wuhan lab that social media suddenly changed its position. Facebook only recently announced that people on its platform will be able to discuss the origins of Covid-19 after censoring any such discussion.”

That’s correct - and they also originally censored posts on the effective of early treatment, the treatment of long-haul COVID-19, brain clots, and myocarditis. Facebook even flagged a post by CDC that (finally) reported that myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccines is likely real.

Although I’m allowed to post on these topics now, Facebook is still shadow-banning me - heavily, and I cannot promote my posts - even those unrelated to public health, vaccines, or COVID-19.

Have the Public Spy on Each Other

Consider this passage from Ch 6, “Spying on Friends and Family”, from Facing

“As the Nazis worked to consolidate their power and build a cohesive “national community,” suppression of dissent played a key role. In 1933, the Nazis issued a decree that required Germans to turn in anyone who spoke against the party, its leaders, or the government (see reading, Outlawing the Opposition in Chapter 5). That decree, “For the Defense against Malicious Attacks against the Government,” stated: 

  1. Whoever purposely makes or circulates a statement of a factual nature which is untrue or grossly exaggerated or which may seriously harm the welfare of the Reich or of a state, or the reputation of the National government or of a state government or of parties or organizations supporting these governments, is to be punished, provided that no more severe punishment is decreed in other regulations, with imprisonment of up to two years and, if he makes or spreads the statement publicly, with imprisonment of not less than three months.

  2. If serious damage to the Reich or a state has resulted from this deed, penal servitude may be imposed.

  3. Whoever commits an act through negligence will be punished with imprisonment of up to three months, or by a fine.

To enforce the decree, the Nazis set up special courts to try people who were accused of “malicious attacks.” In December 1934, the government replaced the decree with the “Law against Malicious Attacks on State and Party,” adding a clause that criminalized “malicious, rabble-rousing remarks or those indicating a base mentality” against the Nazi Party or high-ranking government or party officials. 

Alfons Heck, then a member of the Hitler Youth, recalled the effects of the law. In 1938, he was living with his grandparents when his father came to visit. 

In retrospect, I think it was the last time my father railed against the regime in front of me. . . . He wasn’t much of a drinker, but when he had a few too many, he had a tendency to shout down everyone else, not a small feat among the men of my family. “You mark my words, Mother,” he yelled, “that goddamned Austrian housepainter is going to kill us all before he’s through conquering the world.” And then his baleful eye fell on me. “They are going to bury you in this goddamned monkey suit [his Hitler Youth uniform], my boy,” he chuckled, but that was too much for my grandmother.

“Why don’t you leave him alone, Du dummer Narr [you stupid fool],” she said sharply, “and watch your mouth; you want to end up in the KZ [the German abbreviation for concentration camp]?”

He laughed bitterly and added: “So, it has come that far already, your own son turning you in?” My grandmother told me to leave the kitchen, but the last thing I heard was my father’s sarcastic voice. “Are you people all blind? This thing with the Jews is just the beginning."

You will not believe what’s next, so steel yourself.

CBS News just published this gob-smacking article: “Whistleblowers to play key role in enforcing Biden vaccine rule”.

CBS News is (actually!) reporting that it will be important to Have the Public Spy on Each Other “So the government will rely upon a corps of informers to identify violations of the order” because

""There is no army of OSHA inspectors that is going to be knocking on employers door or even calling them," said Debbie Berkowitz, a former OSHA chief of staff who is a fellow at Georgetown University's Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor. "They're going to rely on workers and their union representatives to file complaints where the company is totally flouting the law.''“

Create Special Courts

Sondergericht - Special Courts - were created and rapidly expanded in Germany to assert the power of the executive via the judiciary. If you’re vaccine injured, you have to sue to HHS in Vaccine Court overseen by Special Masters. In a breach of the Separations of Powers required by the US Constitution, The Vaccine Court (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) is administered by the defendant - the US HHS.

The use of Special Masters in the US, allowed by administrative rule, not legislation, is expanding at an alarming rate. The Special Masters sort through cases and pick those that a judge will likely be able to use to rule in favor of affirming a particular policy desired by the executive branch. These simulations of justice deny citizens their demands for and rights to true, objective justice.

Disarm the Public

In his book, Gun Control in the Third Reich, author and lawyer Stephen Halbrook describes the history of how the Nazi regime made use of gun control to disarm and repress its enemies and consolidate power.

When gun ownership records fell into the hands of the Nazi government, they used them to disarm its political enemies and the Jews.

From Halbrook’s website:

"Based on newly-discovered, secret documents from German archives, diaries and newspapers of the time, Gun Control in the Third Reich presents the definitive, yet hidden history of how the Nazi regime made use of gun control to disarm and repress its enemies and consolidate power. The countless books on the Third Reich and the Holocaust fail even to mention the laws restricting firearms ownership, which rendered political opponents and Jews defenseless. A skeptic could surmise that a better-armed populace might have made no difference, but the National Socialist regime certainly did not think so—it ruthlessly suppressed firearm ownership by disfavored groups."

Today, in 2021, via regulatory rule-making, not by legislative action, the Biden administration is amassing records of gun ownership into a national database - illegal under US law - at an record pace.

Adam Kredow of the Freedom Beacon writes:

”The Biden administration in just the past year alone stockpiled the records of more than 54 million U.S. gun owners and is poised to drastically alter gun regulations to ensure that information on Americans who own firearms ultimately ends up in the federal government's hands, according to internal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The ATF in fiscal year 2021 processed 54.7 million out-of-business records, according to an internal ATF document obtained by the Gun Owners of America, a firearms advocacy group, and provided exclusively to the Free Beacon. When a licensed gun store goes out of business, its private records detailing gun transactions become ATF property and are stored at a federal site in West Virginia. This practice allows the federal government to stockpile scores of gun records and has drawn outrage from gun advocacy groups that say the government is using this information to create a national database of gun owners—which has long been prohibited under U.S. law.”

Anyone paying attention to what has happened in Australia knows that an authoritarian regime is emerging in Western countries that needs to be curbed.

Anyone not paying attention to what has happened in Australia needs to pay attention to what has happened in Australia.

I urge all Freedom-loving people everywhere to counter this slide into tyranny via administrative rule-making with grace, fierce resolve, and peaceful means of resolving disputes - conversations, communications, appeals, petitions, protests, speeches, lawsuits and legal protests if possible. Emphasis lawsuits.

If you have not read Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here”, note that it was a fictional Senator Berzelius "Buzz" Windrip, who was elected President of the United States, who seized total power after stoking the flames of fear and promising drastic economic and social reforms.

Drastic economic and social reforms.

Sound familiar?

It’s time to call it in: It’s Happening Here.

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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