The Vaccine Safety Signals Everyone Can See - Except Alleged Felons at the CDC & FDA, That Is

Post-Market Surveillance Appears to Have Failed. Everyone Can See That. So What's Next?

Steve Kirsch is not a scientist. He’s a serial entrepreneur. But he has a few questions for the CDC and the FDA committees that have recommended and approved COVID-19 vaccines. Questions like

  1. If he can see the safety signal in elevated deaths in VAERS data, why can’t they?

  2. If Germany star pathologist Dr. Peter Schirmacher can determine that at least 30% of the autopsies he conducted on people who died immediately following receipt of COVID-19 vaccines in fact died from the vaccine, how can CDC fail to find a single case of death caused by COVID-19 in the >14,000 deaths following COVID-19 vaccination reported to VAERS?

  3. Why, even after these safety signals were pointed out the FDA and CDC, could they still not see them?

Steve’s conclusion is that the committee members who voted to approve the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters should resign.

That fits with my solution that the career administrators at CDC and FDA who have overseen the march to complete regulatory capture of CDC, FDA, NIAID, and, while we’re at it, the EPA, should pack their bags and go home, too.

The safety signal, as it’s called, was also recently published in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s online magazine, The Defender by Dr. Josh Geutzkow.

The same signal is to be published in a peer-reviewed article in the journal, Science, Public Health Policy & the Law by Dr. Jessica Rose. Her extensive, in-depth study was published after peer-review; not as a press release, like so much of the vaccine “science” published by Moderna and Pfizer (to my knowledge, Pfizer’s animal study ostensibly ruling out antibody dependent enhancement has still not been published in a peer-reviewed journal).

Moderna and Pfizer rushed to press with good news with press releases that were, no doubt, in violation of SEC requirements of “forward-looking statements”. The pattern of “pump and dump” was evident; the CEO of Moderna sold off half of his stocks following a positive-leaning press release a number of times. These events have been well documented by mainstream media.

Back to Steve Kirsch. In a very clear and logical presentation, he reviews data that shows massively elevated numbers cases of of pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, hemorrhagic intracranial, multi-organ dysfunction, Guillan-Barre, blindness, and aphasia (inability to speak).

Steve chronicles his contributions to rational discourse on COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy here (Vaccine Resources).

Here’s the link to Steve’s presentation on Rumble: CDC and FDA vaccine committee members should resign for failing to spot safety signals Be sure to subscribe to this newsletter at the button below to stay updated on the latest developments.

Clearly, if panels who vote on vaccines ignore safety signals, and CDC ignores votes from FDA panels (as they have with boosters), then we have a problem: regulation is completely tone-deaf to vaccine harm and needs to be retuned.

It is rational to be skeptical over vaccines when safety issues that can be expected to negatively influence millions are glossed over and ignored. It is reasonable to stand up to illegitimate public health policies when the policies dictate the science that is given highest weight.

It is irrational to proceed with a vaccination and booster program with vaccines that have waned in efficacy so quickly in the face of vaccine induced selective pressures on the spike protein - for Moderna and Pfizer the sole antigen source, a problem decried by vaccinologists (e.g., Dr. Greg Poland) and vaccine skeptics alike. Data showing efficacy against extinct variants are unilaterally unimpressive and are misleading public health policy, physician recommendations, and personal patient informed consent.

Steve is a passionate voice who solutions include stopping the vaccination program now and enlisting committee members to resign in shame - now.

He can’t make this happen by himself.

Share this article with your Congressional Reps and Senators and DEMAND THE HEARING we’ve been calling for - hold Fauci, Marks, Collins and Walensky and their underlings accountable for their failed and flawed approach to COVID-19. I will second Steve’s call and ask you to DEMAND THEIR RESIGNATIONS and work to have rational physicians and scientists take their places.

Steve Kirsch’s “The False Narrative Take Down” videos are sure to become an increasingly important regular source of information. Be sure to follow, like and share his output.

Dr. Rose’s research, funded by the public via IPAK, is now published and also contains evidence that CDC withheld reports of serious adverse events at a greater rate than mild adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination during the time period when key policies were being considered. This fraud must be brought forward in a Senate Hearing. Share this article and tell the world what we know: individuals have has again committed fraudulent biomedical research using Federal funds, which, by the way, is a felony.

If you’re at the CDC, or were at the CDC, and committed these felons, be advised: our grand jury investigation on whether due process was followed per Senate mandates and rules that govern CDC operations will have access to the same data that we have showing the crimes that have been committed. You will be convicted and held accountable by the people of the United States of America. Plan accordingly.

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