Thinking this may be relevant. 2005:


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ralph baric is not a genius after all ... just copy and paste under protection of big uncle ...

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I still think ultimate answers lie in the captive Uyghur population.

Why wouldn't an immoral bio researcher utilize this population if it was available to them?

Serial passage with a real disposable human population. Now occurring on a global scale!

And if we have learned nothing else, it is that morality among these researchers and their financiers left the building with Elvis.

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" If they were growing them in Vero cells, serial passage without intent could have result in the furin cleavage site."

My read is that the authors are clarifying that their sequence was fcs-negative even before any serial cell passage. Vero-6 passage often results in the fcs dropping from the sequence (https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.16.473063v2 https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-021-03237-4 ) so a pre-passage sequence is needed to be sure the wild virus has no fcs.

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The analysis that you did Jack, is worthy of a publication in a Virology or Genome journal. Clearly, the deniers of the lab-leak or gain-of-function research are running out of maneuvering room. The High-specificity of hACE2 to human receptors suggest a strong serial passage component in human cells. The likelihood of this kind of viral selection coming from the wild is just about nil.

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Six miners got fatal pneumonia from the cave. It's a long story.

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"It is also informative that antibodies specific for the Bat-SCoV Spike protein neutralize Bat-SBRD, which expresses a chimeric Spike protein, but not SARS-CoV, indicating the existence of neutralizing antibodies that target portions of Spike outside the RBD. Importantly, these results suggest that hmAbs specific for SARS-CoV, and by inference the current panel of SARS-CoV vaccines, may provide significant protection against other SARS-like CoVs that emerge from zoonotic pools by natural recombination or are ** deliberately designed to cross species.** " . . .

"Paired with a greater availability of reagents and therapeutics, our studies represent an approach for rapid recovery and testing of newly identified pathogens, and which may improve public health preparedness and intervention strategies against natural or ** intentional zoonotic-human epidemics. **".

" The ability to design and recover pathogens reconstituted from synthesized cDNAs has the potential to overcome these obstacles by allowing studies of replication and pathogenesis without identification of reservoir species or ** [without] cultivation of primary isolates.**

We don't need no stinking isolates. OIOW - We can just make it up. From 2008 no less. And Fauci still walks free as the highest paid government employee.

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Where is the unsubscribe button. I don't remember subscribing and do not wish to. Tx

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Hey Dr. Lyons-Weiler, have you seen this?

"Primate hemorrhagic fever-causing arteriviruses are poised for spillover to humans"


published 9/30/22

Sounds kinda like Baric's paper from 2016:

"SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence"


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Dr. Lyons-Weiler,

How do you see the ZC45/ZXC21 sequences fitting in with HKU-3-3, from a phylogenetic perspective?

My own inclination [perhaps I should point out that I'm part of DRASTIC] has been that the RaTg13/ZC45/ZXC21 genomes were intermediate constructs/consensus sequences along the development path towards SARS-CoV-2, with some elements being artificially inserted and some arising from serial passage.

I agree that the HKU-3-3 conclusions you're laying out here merit far more attention; I'm going to bring this up with Daoyu and some others because it seems perfectly in keeping with the notion that classified research was continuous in the years since 2005 -especially in the US, China and certain European labs.

Pradhan's "Uncanny" inserts have been deeply intertwined with Fauci's scientific censorship, and my primary area of research in 2022 has been the research ties concerning the various HIV/SARS homologous portions within their respective genomes. Thus, I'm very curious to see how this puzzle piece might fit.

If you happen to read this, I'd be very interested in discussing specific details of recent findings that may help connect some of the dots, via chrixey@protonmail.com.

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The first Spike Protein patent was filed in 2002: Patent No. 6372224

They started research on this bioweapon in 1999.

Ralph Baric is the one who created Remsdevir with a death rate of 47% that is being prescribed in US hospitals to "fight" Covdi-19!!!

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