This is most excellent. Really beautiful work, thank you!!

Some months ago I wrote a GIANT article going over many aspects of this "health response," the article has a very large number of references at the end, in case you find them useful.


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Oct 15, 2021Liked by James Lyons-Weiler

What about overdosing patients with Hydroxychloroquine and killing them to convey impression that it was a dangerous drug?

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Hi James, thanks again for doing all that you are. I have a few points.

It seems as though this entire thing is a bait and switch, but let's stick to what we can actually prove, and with that, perhaps I'm too distracted elsewhere, but I haven't seen you put enough emphasis into the study that you and Dr. Thomas published on Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated in late 2019??

It is my belief that this could have had no small part in how this all played out, the evidence from the "Voldemort" study. The timing of that study is unbelievably "coincidental", if we are to believe the 'lab leak' hypothesis, and I personally think it holds water. This of course belies that I believe it could have been done with intent, however, I don't think you need to place the blame on the lab itself, only that we need to know this kind of thing was being studied, and the motivations for a such a release are many, again, NOT necessarily by the CCP although they appear to be getting the largest number of Western media fingers pointed at them, and I think Fauci doth protest too much.

Lastly on this point, and correct me if I'm wrong, but if the 'virus' is man made, would that not mean that if it were to get out and circulate in the 'wild', would there not, simply following the laws of nature, have many 'evolutions' that would like so many things be an attempt to revert back to the mean? Hence look at all ma 'variants'? If my guess is correct, then this would have been anticipated, and could have been gamed for by proposing this widespread 'testing' for the first time ever, and they would have found exactly what they knew they would. That's all speculatory, admittedly, but MAN there is a lot of smoke...

So again, with the admission that this doesn't necessarily NEED to be linked to the P4 lab in Wuhan, I have two more data points that I think CAN show a correlation for motivations of the WHO and CDC, and the viral community in general, if only to show the tremendous amount of group think that is happening, based on what I believe are FALSE interpretations of Historical narrative surrounding vaccine success in general, and this is supported by your Study, by the incredible book "Dissolving Illusions" by Suzanne Humphries (I would actually Love to hear your impressions of that book, is it a credible analysis in your estimation..?), and by the following point, made succinctly by RFK Jr.

***On March 9, 2019, Dr. Peter Aaby issued a scathing rebuke to the world’s public health agencies for continuing to allow pharmaceutical companies to sell vaccines without proper safety testing. Dr. Aaby, who has authored over 300 peer-reviewed studies, is one of world’s foremost authorities on WHO’s African vaccine program and the winner of Denmark’s highest honor for health care research. Dr. Aaby was one of five co-authors of a 2017 study of the diphtheria tetanus, and pertussis (DTP) vaccine, the most widely used vaccine on earth, which found that children who received DTP had ten times the risk of dying compared to DTP-unvaccinated children. For thirty years, doctors, including Aaby, never noticed the danger because vaccinated children were succumbing to illnesses and infections apparently unrelated to the vaccine. It turns out that while the vaccine protected children from diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, it so badly weakened their immune systems that they were dying in droves from unrelated infections. The researchers concluded: “The DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.” In March, an alarmed Aaby plead for a policy change, “Most of you think we know what our vaccines are doing. But we don’t…. We are killing children.”***

Source : https://childrenshealthdefense.eu/eu-issues/robert-f-kennedy-jr-explains-his-positions-on-vaccines-to-his-family/

Apologies, trying to keep this concise, but there really is so much to consider.

Two more points, this episode of the "HighWire " went over what appear to be the MAIN concerns of the WHO roundtable discussion, just before we were introduced to "Covid-19", which is and has been getting ever louder over the last few years for those of us who were ALREADY paying attention, which is of course, battling "Vaccine Hesitancy". It's worth noting that most of these experts are so firmly entrenched in the establishment narrative that "vaccines" have been the greatest gift to Mankind since the ability to control fire, which is a much more apt comparison than a smart bomb you can simply drop into a lake full of interacting microbes and create "health", which IMO is pure nonsense, HOWEVER, it does go well with the "Greater Good" narrative for many reasons, 'profit' motive not the least of them. I have a different interpretation of what THAT is all about, but another day. Right now we're talking about Vaccine Hesitancy" as the greatest threat to the system that "public health experts" are now attempting to construct.


And the last point has to do with this presentation given at the recent FDA open panel at approximately 4 hours 24 minutes, where Dr. David Wiseman makes the assertion that the very motivation for approving "Comirnaty" was ACTUALLY given, to help battle, you guessed it, "vaccine hesitancy". And if someone has been paying attention, it COULD be reasoned, that what this entire thing has been about is battling the belief that "vaccines" are the ONLY way forward, and the "decade of vaccine collaboration" "Global Vaccine Action Plan", last updated Feb 10th, 2020, paid for by GAVI in collaboration with the UN's "Covax" initiative :


But again, ONLY if you BELIEVE that the historical narrative of vaccines saving the World from infectious disease is 100% true, and I think these actors have a zealotry to this belief that functions much more like a religious belief than a rational look at the emerging evidence, right when it is coming to fruition. Again, the narrative was literally falling apart, so much so, that some drastic action was needed to sway the general public into accepting whatever vaccines a centralized authority would deem necessary, always and forever more.

This is ALSO supported by the musings of the UN Agenda 2030, where GAVI tells us about "immunisation’s key role in achieving 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals" :


And here is the link to the FDA panel:


So in closing, it is my belief, that what we are seeing right now is not ONLY an attempt to mandate, but not mandate, "SARS - Cov-2" vaccinations, that aren't even REALLY vaccinations so much as gene therapy, which fits in nicely with the WEF narrative about "Bio digital convergence", that is touted even in places like my home Country of Canada with a certain kind of demented glee https://horizons.gc.ca/en/2020/02/11/exploring-biodigital-convergence/ , but in fact an attempt to battle not ONLY the "Covid" "Vaccines", but "Vaccine Hesitancy" writ large, and THIER language and dogmatic tacit admissions are evident, such as in the case with one of our own Canadian Doctors, Dr. Francis Christian, where the advisory committee told him to seek mental help for his opinions on the dangers associated with the vaccination rollout that he was seeing, which is an incredible piece of tape and can be found embedded in this article https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/university-fires-dr-francis-christian-covid-vaccines-kids/

Okay that's a goods start. If any of that is useful I'm just happy to help in this fight. It is destroying ALL of our future prospects IMHO. I have taken major hits for saying what I see happening. I've lost my job and my Family thinks I'm a loon. But this is about protecting my children in the FUTURE, not just the present for me.

Again, thank you Sir. I admire you and your organization very much. I wish I could do more.

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What about Failing to promote the treatment of my acute COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies, the first product of which received an emergency use authorization in November 2020. A second one was approved a few months later. These treatments shorten symptom duration and prevent hospitalization and were not promoted at all by any public health figures, Until Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida gain attention in the media for his monoclonal antibody treatment clinics. This was in August 2021.

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