Why is ACIP full of vaccine pushers who can never be held liable for their sociopathy, you mean? It's by design of course. ACIP is a pretense, a false front, to make the public think the government actually regulates vaccines based on expert consensus of the science showing safety and benefit.

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The bureaucRATs are undeterred in their race to the bottom. How low can they go? There is no limit, and until they are stopped expect more corruption.

“science runs on money and just as in the courts of kings, he who pays the piper shall call the tune.”


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ahhh... nothing like the Ol' Revolving Door of bureaucrats and beneficiaries

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now... after millions of people 'DIED SUDDENLY'... 'TURBO CANCER' is out of control... and miscarriages' rates are through the roof... FDA finally admits ivermectin is and WAS the correct way to treat Sars-Cov2: https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/therapies/miscellaneous-drugs/ivermectin/

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WHY? I'm pretty sure it's been that way from Day One. And nobody has ever officially called them out on it. It's only shady or illegal if they get caught. Otherwise it's business as usual. It works that way in most of our "system"

Personally i find it extremely dishonorable... Thankfully within their same system, when someone is in dishonor they are the loser.

It would do us all good to remember that " There Is No Authority". Those whatever they are... on any of the commitees or regulatory boards that have the revolving doors, they think they are an authority. They think that way becauae most people have signed over their authorship and personal power to those dishonorable fuks. And i am honestly sorry peeps, but they don't give even 1 gram of a dam about you.

ALL WE HAVE TO DO THOUGH is stop falling for the divide and conquer B.S. Stand up and say "NO, hell No and p.s. go quietly, do not leave the county you live in untill after your trial and sentencing, or you will be hunted and captured by a local bondsman". Then start listening to and helping each other.

Nobody blow an O ring... It's just an outline of a general direction. But a direction we need to be heading. Like now.

Love you all.


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The infectious disease division of the CDC is the Farm team of Big Pharma. THey will do whatever Pharma wants and destroy and research that could compromise Pharma from making money especially when it relates to vaccines.

The FDA gets most of its funding from Big Pharma and the HHS in charge of it all is completely captured as well.

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How can you doubt my integrity !!! My reputation is not for sale !!! :D :D :D

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