The good thing about that which is unsustainable is that it, by definition, can’t be sustained and thus must cease. So the property of unsustainability, in and of itself, doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

It might be wise not to over-apply the “unsustainable” label so that it doesn’t become a meaningless tribal incantation like “racism” has.

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Celebrating art as social commentary: Excellent, James. We are railroaded into a narrow prescription for thought and dialogue. Appreciate the reminder of the importance of art in our society fabric and the need to question the narrative. If not freedom of expression, what do we have? https://truthuniversity.substack.com/p/the-oxford-union-debating-society

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I'm all for art that opens our minds to new attitudes and understanding.

I’m beginning to think that calling an industry “Big . . . “, such as “Big Oil” is an admission that the industry is a trust and one with which the federal government is colluding, because said government is not pursuing its trust-busting responsibilities. We the public might consider the implications of such trusts, which surely exist to control us and our wealth. It is interesting that capitalism is not bashful about admitting to the existence of these trusts, which fact surely tells us that capitalism is the villain.

And beyond capitalism is the notion of economics, once called the dismal science. Today it is the anti-human science. It is sadly devoid of humanity. Worse, we have allowed it to govern our lives. The advocates of capitalism — the rich owners of corporations and the beneficiaries of corporate and lobbyist gifts-bribes — constantly declare that capitalism is akin to godliness and democracy and should be allowed to do what it wants, regardless of the effect on the public.

The public needs to decide that its health and freedom is more important than any organizations, especially private organizations, and to demand that nothing be allowed to interfere with its health and freedom. Flying pigs anyone?

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