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If there is a key to stopping all of this insanity it lies in education. In lifelong education and in refining education thoroughly so we can more objectively become the culture we wish to live in. Due to what you speak to and more we are likely to be dealing with a severe genetic bottleneck going forward. We need to reclaim all surviving children and parents to overcome this. Reclaim, reimagine and reeducate. With compassion and intelligence.

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So isn't it interesting that the low immunity and health damages last for sure mainly predominantly 2 weeks after 2nd jab exactly and EXACTLY the time which is said to be counted as UNVACCINATED? So all the troubles fall into the unvaxxinated group but really this is the vaccine damaged group which is showing lots of issues exactly in that time frame. Seems like that pharma already knows this for a while. I wished we go back and add all the people into the vaccinated group who got jabbed no matter how many days after the jab it is. I am really burning to see those numbers!!! I mean jabbed is jabbed period!! We should fight for this adjustment since its crucial. This is one of the main trick they used....plus counting the deaths wrong with vs. From covid and falsifying death records by bribing family to pay funeral bills. The whole thing is so smartly and canivingly done that it only could have been planned long time before. Plus we know pharma worked on jab before 2020 and the patents go way back. And to have a jab overnight etc. Its all BS.

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What are the mechanisms which clear LNPs from the body? Phagocytosis comes to my untrained and uneducated mind, but how else? —I'm wanting to understand why the in vivo half-life is considered "long."

I found this article upon a very cursory look, and it's long:

"Nanoparticle Uptake: The Phagocyte Problem"


—to me, this is interesting because it's also describing techniques for avoiding phagocytosis so that the nucleic acid targets reach their marks, rather than get squirreled away into macrophages &c.. Key area to help answer my question appears to be §7.1, where in one of the subsections found this:

This suggests that rather than eliminating nanoparticles, the body has developed a local response to isolate these foreign materials from host biological environments. The unanswered question is if this local initial response further triggers other adverse chronic inflammatory or immunological responses. Even more concerning are local responses to nanoparticle accumulations that lead to pre-cancerous conditions and immunological disorders"

So, at least by seven years ago, it was understood that nanoparticles in the body were being isolated within the body and not immediately cleared. Maybe this explains why some people, maybe a few people, thought the injections would remain locally at the injection site. But the paper is saying, so far as I'm jumping around in it, that these accumulations are in specific sites: liver, spleen, kidney —places where the macrophages do much cleansing work. It also describes the thrombotic effects of the nanoparticles when in contact with blood cells. So again, at least seven years ago, people studying NPs understood these effects did occur.

Likewise, the paper is also suggesting that the pharmaceutical/genetic-therapy industries were also trying to mitigate and influence these effects, finding the right molecular keys that will enable the precise doors needed to open and the others to stay closed.

Still, I'm learning, along with others. Thank you for taking the time to show us things of interest!

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What we need to do is jettison this ridiculous idea called "law". Everyone just does what the "law" says regardless of if it makes sense or not, because they think "chaos" would prevail. With all the laws ever made, which are countless, chaos still prevails. The replacement should be with principles because principles are perennial. Principles like the Golden Rule, and treating others as though they were another me, principles like leave the place as you found it, etc. The idea that someone can come and take you away if you don't "obey the law" is preposterous, antiquated and totally retarded.

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Even if we refused the destructive immune effects of the shot, the SARS2 infections may do it to us without excipients. My husband and I both had mild cases of Wu-flu in Feb. 2020, treated effectively with supplements that Dr. Brownstein was using in his Detroit-area clinic, and some kind of Omicron in Dec. 2021, by which time we added ivermectin so it was a nothing-burger. Except that husband started getting frequent sore throats (very unusual for him), can't seem to keep himself warm (another first) and then had his first ever bout of shingles; and I keep having cold sores one after another, with fever, recurrent fatigue and cough.

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PSA suggestion: Drug experiments are dangerous; just say no!

(EUA, and so far as I know, all vaccination, is a vast-scale, incredibly poorly-controlled, drug experiment.)

Right to try should suffice. RCT/double blind studies are worthless black magic. If it's the gold standard, that's fool's gold. The placebo effect can be dealt with better than that.

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“In plain English, the LNP transports the mRNA to the ovaries, then to the eggs (oocytes) and because of reverse transcription that same mRNA becomes integrated into the genetic material of the offspring, and their offspring, and their offspring… well you get the gist. The only way this effect can be seen in subsequent generations is if the mRNA/cDNA given to the original recipient is being expressed in the DNA/genome of the offspring.”


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