I presume you've seen Walter M. Chesnut's substack, focused on this topic?


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How bad is drinking filtered tap water? I’m finally giving it up but nervous about the damage done

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However bad it is, pomegranate peel can help with clean up. Some is good, too much is not better. The inner pith has less tannins and I use it in food in minced garlic type amounts. The outer peel is higher tannin content and I make tea/extract with it and use the liquid in food or tea. This link used an ethanol extract.

Pomegranate peel attenuates aluminum-induced hepatorenal toxicity


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thanks for that information!

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Thank you, especially for the poignant reminder about any future inclusion of the ancestral Wuhan strain and portentous ADE.... And, on yes, I would like to echo the recommendation to follow the brilliant researcher, Walter Chesnut, as well..... Plus, to reiterate, thank you Dr. Lyons-Weiler, for your comprehensive, compassionate efforts to help every one.

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Thank you for this. :)

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Thank you for the info on the vaccine. As required by the employer, many of us were vaccinated with the new vaccine. Is there anything we can do, like supplements, to mitigate the longer term adverse health effects of taking the vaccine?

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FLCCC.net Frontline Doctor's just hosted a presentation on this topic. Sign up with them and ask for a re-run.

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From: FLCCC Alliance <newsletter@flccc.net>

Date: Thu, Jul 14, 2022, 1:02 PM

Subject: Autophagy and Clearing Spike Protein: FLCCC Weekly Webinar (July 12 2022)

To: jlw

Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

Dear James,

This week’s eye-opening weekly update was all about ‘autophagy’. What is it, and why is it so important? Well, ask Dr. Paul Marik.

“There is only one way to get rid of spike protein, and that's by stimulating autophagy. That is the only way.”

Basically, autophagy is the body's garbage truck. It's a fascinating idea… the concept is that the host heals itself.

Dr. Mobeen Syed, with his always helpful graphics, explained exactly how autophagy works in easily understandable terms. Together he and Dr. Paul Marik discussed how to optimize your own body’s autophagy.

Turns out it’s as simple as 1) intermittent fasting; 2) adding Spermidine, a natural protein found in very high concentration in wheat germ, and also in grapefruit and grapefruit juice, mushrooms and pistachio nuts; 3) adding another recommended phytochemical, Resveratrol, found in grapes, berries, and grape seed; and 4) ivermectin.

So, amazingly, it’s possible for practically everyone to enhance their own body’s autophagy.

Before we knew it it was Q&A time. Great questions, as always.

How do you know when the spike protein is cleared out?

Is it safe to employ intermittent fasting during pregnancy?

What are your thoughts on proton pump inhibitors?

Dr. Syed also shared with us why he created the Long (COVID) Story Short series. Did you know chronic inflammatory diseases caused 52% of worldwide deaths? The series is an incredible educational resource and, of course, it’s freely available to all on the FLCCC website and Odysee channel.

Joyce Kamen, our brilliant host this week, gave a great update on the ongoing pushback on behalf of doctors. She accompanied that with a heartfelt appeal for support. It’s only your incredibly generous support that makes this defence against the unjust attacks from medical boards possible.

As a 501c3 non-profit, we are not funded by pharmaceutical companies or the government. We are completely funded by YOU. So please, if you are able, make a gift today. With your help, we can continue providing this life-saving information to all who need it most.

Thank you so much for registering for our July 13 weekly update! If you'd like to rewatch or share it with others, please find the recording here.


Everyone at the FLCCC

The FLCCC Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization. You make our critical work possible.

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I hadn't heard about that ados score comparing people with and without autism. That is significant. It seems like vaccines adjuvents are a part of the issue, and I had assumed that toxins and metals are passed from mother to baby, so babies are born with different toxin loads, and a vaccine pushes some over the edge. I can't imagine a statement more stupid, it makes me think that Offit knows what these vaccines are doing; "...it might be a nutrient, given that premature infants had higher amounts of aluminum body burden than full-term infants".

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Offit knows very well what he's doing. He's a "fixer."

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This is quite helpful and thank you!!

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The paper in question is https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11481-021-10029-0 .

The conclusions for harms caused by BBB modification presented here in hysterical manner, are premature.

BBB permeability is necessary for survival. We have here one study indicating it is affected. Harms from it are a possibility, but this does not rise to the level of conclusive evidence. Let's see the study replicated first.

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