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Dr. McDonald's Substack - https://markmcdonaldmd.substack.com/

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Great article!! Dr McDonald has been advocating for kids since the beginning.

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Excellent view of where we are at. Thanks and keep fighting. The tide is turning and Florida & Montana are now joined by Alberta on the long walk back. Expect more.

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Oct 24, 2022Liked by James Lyons-Weiler

I don't want to "like" this, but you get the idea. It's a terrible precise and true article, accurate and horrific, and for that, I both admire it and can't stand what it's saying. Great job, terrible truth.

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Centralization of power will always create a dictatorship because centralized power removes the alternative of people to escape your tyranny.

A corollary is that absolutely *any* proposal that does not involve breaking up the central power will never result in less tyranny.

All the BS about "more representation", "better politicians", even "freedom of speech" will never solve the problem. Without the possibility of running away from tyrants, they will all continue there.

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You lost me at non-violent protest on Jan 6, 2020. Why can't the Frontline doctors talk about censorship etc without excusing a bunch of Trumpites and trumpettes. Why do you intermingle them

Medical freedom, political freedom, lack of censorship have zero to do with a bunch of white supremecists on Jan6th wearing shirts that said "6 million were not enough. I am very disappointed in Frontline doctors for excusing Trump's crazy paranoia.

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Its like the Dr. that says "Well, I've got some good news and some bad news..."

The patient says "What's the good news?"

Dr.: "They're going to name a new disease after you."

The good news in this article could be that we're approaching the end of an authoritarian phase in American history... that bad news, however, is that we're entering into a totalitarian phase.

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The devil's posse is bigger than we ever imagined...... trade unions though....that's disgusting......our union dues are supporting this...... think about that for minute.......


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Unfortunately, totalitarianism wouldn't be complete without public approval...

It's ordinary citizens who mass-flag, report & harass dissidents on social media - the authoritues would have a difficult time without their help & cooperation...

With everyone 'nudged' into attacking each other - I feel ultimately a new philosophy is needed. One which transcends groupthink & tribal loyalties, as a first step towards being truly free...

IMHO - more activism just leads to more of the same... The system is in meltdown - the best thing to do is maybe withdraw & let it die a natural death.

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Depends where one is. Places like Florida are moving AWAY from totalitarianism. Only about 30% of people in the US have gotten "boosted". A smaller percentage have subjected their kids to the jabs.

The thing that concerns me most, of all things, is the overturning of Roe v Wade, throwing the Dems, who have been the main perpetrators of such authoritarianism, a lifeline when they were reeling. Not because I am pro-abortion, but because I'm pro-realism. Now they will probably misinterpret their upcoming victories as some sort of vote of confidence to move from authoritarianism to out-and-out totalitarianism. At least where they CAN. I'm so glad I don't live in California or the other bluest coastal states.

This solipsism on the part of the right the moved them to overturn Roe v Wade and think they can run successfully on it is not unlike the Dems having unwittingly enabled Trump's election by nominating HRC, who only die-hard mainstream Dems really liked at all, and worse yet was the very epitome of "more of the same" when the American public wanted something different. Anything different. Which I think the American public wants again, by and large, but not if they fear it means denying abortions in the most extreme cases.

Above all, rationality has taken a beating. If we ever needed another party to supersede these solipsistic fools, it is now. Tulsi Gabbrd's defection from the Dems for the very reasons stated in this post is an indicator of hope that something may arise to fill the need, as the Republican party of Lincoln did the last time the nation was this divided.

I would much prefer a party whose aim is not to attempt to fit all people into a "one size fits all" box; but rather to enable us to be governed (or not) AS we want to - with a la carte options galore - to the extent possible, within a Consitutional framework that protects our rights.

Who else is in? Let's make it happen, already!

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the otherwise excellent essay lost me at his calling Jan 6 a 'non-violent' protest. uh... I watched it live. there was violence and other crimes committed. very obviously so. the alleged unconstitutional treatment of suspects is dead wrong of course. but really disingenuous to refer to the thing as non-violent.

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Mar 24, 2016 America: Freedom To Fascism

A documentary that explores the connection between income tax collection and the erosion of civil liberties in America.


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