"Students in my Immunology course have created a visually stunning, fact-filled fact sheet showing that antibodies do not tell the entire story of our immune response to COVID-19 or to COVID-19 vaccines."

Can you publish the fact sheet here or at the IPAK website? Information like that needs to be shared widely....

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Thanks for helping us all keep our heads straight on this, amidst the distractions. Good read and reminders.

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Molehills to ignore...

critical race theory

gender fluid

national election fraud (the states still matter)

early treatment

Mountains to focus on...

Pandemic responses to eliminate freedom

Jan 6 "insurrection" = Reichtag fire

Drug approvals

WHO treaty

popular organized dissent (we need more)

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The FDA, not FDA. I hate that crap. It's, The CIA, and The FBI, and The hospital.

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Are we allowed to comment on The FDAs decision? Is there a public comment section?

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May 3, 2022·edited May 3, 2022

There are a few reasons why there is this distraction.

Primaries begin today and they're trying to avoid a Wipeout in the house and Senate.

2000 Mules just premiered yesterday and it gives incontrovertible proof that they're was a stolen election to the degree that Biden should not be president with the lost electoral votes. #2000mules

Ukraine is becoming a failed policy direction with more scrutiny of the money we keep sending over and it's disappearing and Russia is gaining ground. (Pelosi and Schiff made a personal visit, and they are amongst the most crooked.)

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Exactly right. People need to understand that their attention and emotions are being manipulated. The SCOTUS "leak" timing is incredibly suspicious, given that this survey and opinion was written probably weeks, maybe months, ago.

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Right. If our blood contained all the antibodies from our previous infections, we'd be dead because our blood would be a useless protein sludge.

I never got how counting antibodies from vaccine targeting a functionally extinct virus variant was proof of anything relevant.

Moreover, if the immune system is working, it will create memory T & B cells. You will be able to quickly generate what you need. No matter. I recently "lost" this argument with a family member who had 2 shots, a booster, got Covid and recovered and hence has robust natural immunity, but now insists on getting boosted for an upcoming trip to keep his antibody levels up.

A decent discussion here from 2020, prior to Omicron variant(s) and all the confirmatory data about natural immunity: https://theconversation.com/coronavirus-b-cells-and-t-cells-explained-141888

Extended quote: "recent research from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden showed that several COVID patients with mild to no symptoms had generated T cells against the virus. This was even the case in patients who had no detectable levels of antibodies against the virus. ....

How long antibodies stick around for varies from one pathogen to another. ...

... antibodies to COVID may not last very long. But this does not exclude the existence of memory T and B cells, capable of re-emerging from their dormant states to protect against re-infection. In other words, the antibodies that B cells make during initial exposure disappear in a few weeks, but the memory cells generated as a consequence of this persist for much longer."

But when it comes to family members, I am just letting go and giving up. Covid will be around for at least as long as our species. But since Omicron onwards the mortality risk has been greatly reduced. If adults want to keep getting boosted, go ahead. Pathogen prime yourself. But, no, we should not be imposing this madness on children.

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May 3, 2022Liked by James Lyons-Weiler

FDA = Fraudulent Disseminators of Anti-science

NIH = Never Investigate Honestly

CDC = Corrupt Data Cookers

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Can lowly commoners view this fact sheet? Oh, Norway banned vaccines for kids.

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Yes, thank you! There will be a lot of distractions and we will stay focused! 🧐

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Dollars to Donuts it will be approved because the FDA is captured, but remember.... it is this process of approving an injection that does not work and is replete with untoward reactions that will ultimately be their down-fall.

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They've been KILLING KIDS with Remdesivir - in order to elevate the death counts in the cohort that they're targeting. If you create the false appearance of a danger, and then create the false appearance of some "benefit" - and simultaneously act, to fraudulently hide the evidence of risks/injuries/deaths from the jabs... You can fraudulently make the case fir authorization/approval/mandates - and circumventing the product liability once actually "approved".

Notice the timing, on the authorization for Remdesivir, for babies. Notice that they're getting it at twice the doses, as calculated by body weight. Notice the lack of any study, that justifies its use in ANYONE, ever, for any purpose.

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