And do it if you are from another country too because if the FDA approve it, it will be coming to your country too.

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"The New York Times Article with the evidence of the data leak is here (subscription required)."

My only addition to your wonderful piece is to note subscription paywall can be bypassed if there's a copy saved at Internet Archive Wayback Machine. It's not always a viable option but often enough it works! :~) https://web.archive.org/web/20220202013028/https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/01/us/politics/pfizer-vaccine-kids.html

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.....HAD it with these BLOOD-sucking INCUBI; plan once MORE to REMIND them ALL just WHAT it IS they're PERSONALLY risking (LIFE terms behind bars.....)

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Thanks for this. I think the most important point, if I understand correctly is that studies worldwide show that children do not transmit Covid and there have been no school outbreaks. Adults transmit to children but not vice versa. Is this correct and if so it should be common knowledge as it contributes to hysteria and misinformation. Do you have studies on this?

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Only a few questions to ask parents. Do they know aluminum is poisonous? Do they know mercury is poisonous? Do they know PEG is poisonous? Do they know 2 ingredients in the jabs are forbidden for human use? Do they know there is either tissue of aborted babies, pigs, apes, dogs or chickens in the jabs? By that time I am always nauseated. Some people and I even know vegetarians, don't mind injecting that into their and their children's bodies....

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Feb 10, 2022·edited Feb 10, 2022

One has to wonder how much of the "benefit" can be ascribed to Type II Covid (covid symptoms obtained from getting the vaccine) and then those cases being moved to "unvaccinated" since it's within 2 weeks of the jab.

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Relative risk is a particular bugbear of mine. But also there is the apparently common use of "Test-negative case control studies" in determining vaccine efficacy. I wonder if that was used to come up with these efficacy rates. https://jembendell.com/2021/12/23/lies-damn-lies-and-hospitalisation-statistics/

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I vociferously disagree with your opening assumption that older adults are knowingly foisting this on children in order to benefit themselves. You offer no evidence for this, nor do I expect that you will find any. Is AARP lobbying for this? I suspect not. Nor are those who manage retirement funds - if anything, they'd like things the other way (less pensions to pay out). Add to that, very few pensioners have five year old children. Nearly all pensioners care about their grandchildren. Stop trying to vilify grandma and grandpa as metaphorical axe murderers. Where else to look for bad actors? And have they acted accordingly? Evidence, please.

The profit motive is driving pharmaceutical companies, pure and simple. They have deluded themselves into believing no harm can come to children because of their action. Likewise the federal authorities, who suffer from the same delusion. They couldn't come to a soundly reasoned conclusion with both hands and a flashlight.

The young aren't at risk from the ravages of covid. Full stop, No vaccine.

Why isn't this as simple as that?

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The Propaganda talking points they are peddling promote this is 1. They know there is little risk of children dying (because they can't deny that) but children are suffering with long haul covid which is terrible so they should get quaxinated and 2 - the hospitals are overwhelmed with children from Omicron Q Does anyone have any data on this. I wonder 1 if it's true and 2 if kids could be in the hospital for adverse reactions form the mass quaxination campaign beginning in November.

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To whom should I send the message besides the chair of the SEC as indicated in item #5? Is it to everyone on the roster that’s linked to? Thanks!

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Thank you for all of this valuable information. I submitted the following:

To: VRBPAC@fda.hhs.gov

Hana El Sahly, M.D., Chair and the entire VRBPAC Committee:

Please do not recommend EUA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for 6-month to 4 year-old children.

It is crystal clear that:

1. These children are not at risk from the virus. Therefore, there's no emergency, and no justification for an EUA vaccine for them.

2. The research has been shoddy, rushed, and is incomplete (they don't even know what dose will be effective in this age group! How can you possibly recommend approval at this point?)

3. Using relative risk reduction rather than absolute risk reduction to exaggerate the benefit and make the case for a drug or vaccine's effectiveness is a slimy trick that will deceive most, but you people know exactly what you're doing. It's wrong.

4. Experimenting on little children (or any human beings) who are not at risk and therefore can't benefit from (but might be harmed by) the intervention is both illegal and immoral.

Now Pfizer is delaying their request...we need to keep the light and heat on them so they don't just postpone it until things cool off or we're distracted by some misdirection like the beating of war drums against Russia.

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I can't imagine a quicker, more surefire path to eternal damnation: demanding the children and babies in our society be injected with a dangerous, sometimes lethal, concoction of synthetic mrna-laden junk just to fill one's heart with a false sense of safety.

A person would have to be a pretty spineless, worthless pile of trash to be inclined this way and their cowardice makes them deserving of whatever fiery pit awaits them in the next life.

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