Thanks for covering this. These are really good points and necessary to understand if we're going to successfully push back on these mandates.

The interview is long, but the time goes quickly watching Dr Gupta on the ropes, clearly unable to defend so much of the vaccine narrative. You could see he was uncomfortable and tried to make jokes or deflect but Rogan was prepared.

If anyone is interested, it's on spotify at https://open.spotify.com/episode/6rAgS1KiUvLRNP4HfUePpA?si=KkRdfBVqSHmZT-5smvB1Nw&utm_source=copy-link

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I think there is a fundamental problem with your premise "Joe Rogan and Sanjay Gupta’s discussion could lead to rational discourse and new studies.' I see convincing evidence that rational discourse is the last thing wanted by Fauci et al. I can argue in depth that nothing about the conduct of this pandemic has been about health (e.g., the failure to promote Vitamins C and D, despite overwhelming evidence of their efficacy). The one consistent theme is they want universal vaccination and passports, no matter who it harms. Rational discourse could only get in the way of accomplishing their dark objectives...

Having said that, I'm surprised that Gupta's masters allowed him to participate in a forum where the narrative was not tightly controlled.

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Courier Mail (and thus whoever owns / directs them) were suggesting as much a week ago:


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I don't think (test-identified) reinfection and (test-identified) breakthrough cases can be compared using separate studies, with separate rates of exposure. In the Washington "1 in 5000" study, not many people were vaccinated before the spring wave and most were still in the infection efficacy window when the summer wave started, which was only in August - that period probably included very few +4 month vaccinated exposure person-days.

The Gazit et al. study is probably the best look we'll get at the comparative rates.

The jury is still out on whether "breakthrough" (naive+vaccinated+infected) immunity is durably protective against symptomatic reinfection, though I think it is likely. Worst case is that mucosa-resident T Cells still don't generate after breakthrough.

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