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When I finally broke through my own brainwashing by seeking more information and questioning the narrative, it was a complete shock to my system. It was overwhelming just how pervasive and continuous the “in your face” lies are to the public. The manipulation of emotions and constant barrage of an agenda.

Once I saw it, I began to realize it was everywhere, manipulation in movies, commercials, public broadcasting, advertisements, and of course in all the news from national to local.

It is soul sickening to see this in every aspect of our lives. What is worse is to have people we love believe it because they aren’t ready to see the truth. The truth of this level of propaganda in America and Canada (as well as other “free” countries) is pretty terrifying.

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💯💯💯 thank you for this excellent essay! I am enjoying your series. I just listened to Orwells animal farm yesterday, and was amazed at how brilliantly he portrayed the propaganda, which was disseminated by the pig named squealer. We live in interesting times

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Never more relevant!

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Put low-pass (<1Hz) filters on the video feeds for your television (I don't know how to do this, as it must be separate for each pixel, lest you see a uniform smear. You might need to just not look at the screen when looking at it seems compelling.), and a high-pass (>70Hz) filter on its audio. Don't swallow fluoride or atypical antipsychotics, and don't use THC. Beware psychological manipulation in all media, even print.

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Bernays helped developed the new found consumer culture along time ago and now a new austerity culture is being developed. I think propaganda has been with us longer than it seems, as even our scientific institutions of yesteryear worked in harmony to develop tools and practices for undermining the resource base - (Cultural or material). The happiness index was never in the interests of Oligarchs. Totalitarianism is increasing BECAUSE of the support of the people. This is not top-down entirely but now a dysfunctional relationship, and I fear the youth are worse than Gen X and beyond as they swim in narrative generating machines. This is going to take a lot of pain to get out of. The west has become infantilised and what do they say? 'easy times create weak men'

Self-censorship is the tough one because as we now know - or at least get the feeling - the sex drive and food drive is inferior to the herd mentality. It seems our deepest survival instinct - well the herd is going crazy and speaking out - at least here in Central Wokeville Victoria is fucking dangerous to your social life.

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