Jack, I absolutely love this article! Along with this hilarious phrase: “Science progresses one funeral at a time”.

I might add that consensus is the institutionalization of the status quo and thus often the enemy of progress.

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I love the chart. Do you have a list somewhere of the studies referenced in it? I think I have both of the studies of the Hep b, thanks to Age of Autism several years ago.

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Well done. Time to wake up and challenge scientific dogma

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Songs of Covid Conformity and Complacency

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So did “Anonymous” claim the lab leak origin in Jan 2020. That was where I first heard it. I’d love to know who he/she really is.

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Thanks for the interesting read. I am always fascinated stumbling over Galileo as an example of repression of glorious science.

But its an perfect example on how politics shape science in the world.

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Is there a reason that the analysis you did of Dr. Paul Thomas’ pediatric practice is not mentioned? Thanks.

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My sixth grade teacher said, “The more you know

The more you know you don’t know.” She’s long gone,

But words she said inspire six decades on —

My sense of wonder never ceased to grow.

How often science speaks its “final word”.

They’ve searched and searched, and now they’ve got it right!

Their paradigm established, we must fight

Complacent, brilliant minds — just to be heard.

How often do we reach a paradox,

Then treasure chests (years later) loose their locks?

How quickly we forget that tortuous history,

Now that we clearly see what had been mystery.

How rare and fine, this scientific thrall —

Not knowing is the greatest thrill of all.

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“ The Earth is flat, the sun revolves around the Earth, Titanic is unsinkable, I’m here from the government and I’m here to help!”””

Just because someone says it does not mean it’s true, especially THAT man 🤬

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The height of irony! What virus, James?!

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thank you

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