Mass Murder by a Medical System that has Lost Its Direction and Soul


Health Canada Initially Created For Population Control Measures


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Think of them as 'Bureaucrats wielding medical degrees' makes all the difference. Too many of those who deign to prescribe for all of us have never treated a single patient.

That's your stake in the ground. Keep pounding.

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I just finished reading a recent Trial Site news article on the fight a retired Marine had getting Ivermectin for his 87 yr old father. He has a real prescription from a licensed physician, had confirmed with Kroger it was available but when going to pick it up was told it was out of stock.

“Finally, the pharmacist admitted the drug was in stock but still refused to fill the prescription. “ (because her own mother had a reaction to med and admitted it to the son).

When he complained to Alabama board overseeing the pharmacist and receiving the complaint, the reply letter only cited the “out of stock”.


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Any suggestions for finding patient first doctors? I assume there is organizing going on behind the scenes for those of us not in medicine.

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The airways are freefalling Socrates most noble Lie-The Day smiles bravely and says all is well.. History is repeating itself A CCP whistleblower Dr Li-Meng Yan is warning about a new hemorragic fever is being released at the Olympics and is going spread by athletes and spectators as the novel corovirus was from the CISM games in Wuhan Oct 2019. Billy the masterplanner has warned that a new pandemic either marberg Nipah or whatever cocktail is made could be the next outbreak and we are not prepared. If u not familiar with CISM games. it is olympic competition by militaries from the globe. Except there were 4 countries opted out-did not compete. The UK, Israel.Australia Japan. The triatholon was in 2 fresh water lakes where GMO talipia was stocked. releasing the bioweapon spike 19 protien which was the aerosal distribution, not some lab leak in level 4 lab as being promoted by the criminals. Buckle up. because the war on humanity is just getting started.

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The medicalization of society is the real issue here, so population medicine, which is by nature a totalitarian concept (let's put some valium in the drinking water, etc.) is being mistaken for public health. The notion of Gross National Happiness quotient of Bhutan is a better public health concept than anything we have here, or in the western world in general.

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"Why are they untrustworthy?"

Occam's Razor tells me that the SARS-CoV-2 abomination is first and foremost a financial scam to avoid BigPharma meltdown.

See https://peterwebster.substack.com/p/vaxscam

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How about "misnomer".

"public health" is the label they take our money under, what they do is update strategies of how to make sure certain industries can continue to milk the populace. Health as in quality of life of the individual is not a concern, keeping the cattle herd alive enough to remain milkable is.

That's not new for 2020+, but they went extra brazen since then. "If we've kept getting away with all of it and most people remained oblivious, how about we do a real big number now?"


I'd like to remind you of the video from 2019 where Fauci & buddies mused on the "Universal Flu Vaccine", how to scare the public into accepting it, with new tech and without all this rigorous testing and other annoying things that used to be the norm, with some sort of avian flu out of China or something. To "disrupt the system".

That clip was posted e.g. on Alex Jones' channel on odysee. The guy may be somewhat crazy, but for posting video+audio of what Fauci said it should be good enough.

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You are absolutely correct! again. Thank you for sharing.

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Another word that fits: "Theater." It characterizes 2020-2022. Pure theatrics. To quote Shakespeare, "like a tale told by an idiot; full of sound and fury yet signifying nothing."

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Several have described the politics and pharma and CdC machinations as “kabuki theatre”. Apropos.

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Great article and I agree, most frown upon me saying it. Early on when I looked at positive cases, in the city I live in, at peak I think it was about 15% positive of people getting tested. I figured, I had anywhere from 85-100% chance of being negative if tested. Also, as a barometer the large chain supermarket posted weekly positive cases of employees—-5 new cases, 24 new cases, 2 new cases, and on and on.

Sadly, there were some deaths, but I ask did they get early treatment? My relative left alone with dementia, suddenly his daughter and dog who went everyday no longer visited. He stopped eating he was diagnosed with covid.

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"Office ... Disparities"

this harrison bergeron garbage framing must be mocked and/or fought at every opportunity

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The word I'd use: "Dangerous."

Because anything can be justified by invoking "public health." It was used during the past two years to rescind elements of the United States Constitution. Does not bode well for the future of freedom.

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