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It’s hard not to hate him...

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BioNTech stands for bionanotechnology. There is no mistake here. It's an attempt to inject everyone with nanotechnology for blockchain, the Internet of Things, Bodies and Viruses, for the "carbon footprint," for tracking, for mind control, for the "next pandemic," when they will use laser/5G/ultrasound to detonate fullerenes to cause hemorrhaging, which would be blamed on a dangerous new virus, and for more lockdowns, more injuries and deaths, for depopulation, and for sterilization. So, no, we won't buy this well-planned mass murder as Fauci's "mistake." It is well organized by many groups and actors

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"University of Southern California’s Center for Health Journalism"

Also definded as the "Propaganda Machine".

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God I wish he would end up in prison!!

Him and a few others 😡

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I love your "wrong, wrong, wrong" image at the end, Jack!

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Not to be a contrarian but he wasn’t “wrong”. (Hold on, I’m probably on the same page as you.)

He was one of the point men in an agenda to take influence, power, money from the many and direct it into the hands of the “stakeholders” of the new world order.

If you understand their underlying philosophy you can see their point. Humanity is destroying the planet and is mismanaging the space, the plants, the animals. We are at a time in history where we can end the human race and perhaps most or all life on earth.

The idea of free market and free will is ridiculous. Thinking that earth has infinite resources and can take any amount of abuse is just stupid. People and even nations cannot be reasoned with. They need to be controlled. And who to do that but the experts and the elite? The people Who Know Right From Wrong?

The rest need to be brought under control and many of them simply need to be killed.

So a “pandemic”, let’s call it Event 201, for instance, can be a good bogeyman to get people to take something they’ve already been conditioned to believe in. Vaccines. But these vaccines will be many times more deadly than any others than they’ve ever pushed before. It will combine multiple technologies such as Nanotech and microwave technology along with the nanolipids with the ability to bring intact mRNA inside of cellular machinery for the first time. We can now remodel humans from the inside out instead of just feeding them GMOs, we can MAKE THEM GMOs!

As Bill Gates said, if they get these new vaccines right they can greatly curtail global population and thus SAVE THE PLANET!

Therefore, Fauci has been effective if not “right” from that point of view.

And of course, this means that the rest of the population is “wrong”. From the point of view of a 19th century call-it-like-it-is and shoot-from-the-hip law man, what should happen is not complaining and sighing when faced with mass murder and Obfuscating liars. Rather, you gather a posse together, run down the wrongdoers and string them up the nearest tree.

Nowadays people just point at evil doers who are murdering, thieving and raping them, their wives, sister, daughter and even sons, educating them with their version of sludge thinking…and say “boo! We don’t like you! You are not good people! You should be in J-A-I-L!”

So in that way Fauci is “right” and you are “wrong”.

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You stopped adding on to the list because your hands got tired, didn't you? It's okay. That's not an unreasonable reason to stop. The point is made. But it's not a complete list---that would be a tall order and would get in the way of taking on other projects. Best to simplify when the point is made. ;)

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Very well delivered… I love the WRONG list.

May I add, Dr. Fauci NEVER encouraged individuals to view their quality of life to improve their immune system…

Eat organic nutritious food…. NEVER

Supplement with herbals…NEVER

Get your Vitamin D levels checked … NEVER

Maintain healthy weight… NEVER

Get proper sleep… NEVER

Keep your microbiome healthy… NEVER

Meditate… NEVER

Get back into nature… NEVER

Plant your own vegetable garden… NEVER

Stop using harmful pesticides…NEVER


Enjoy your family… NEVER

Quality of life no doubt is different for us all but you would think this So called ‘Doctor’ ( he is the science remember, makes me sick) would give us some encouragement during these past three years! He is absolutely worthless. And why on earth was he funding gain of function research?

Let’s face it, he is an evil puppet master controlling many areas of academia research and medical training of doctors for too many years with a huge budget from our tax money!

I hope and pray the truth comes out and he goes down with the rest of them doing crimes against humanity!

‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ book and film is a must for all of us to read and view!

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All “news” is a carefully worded press release.

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Pfft. The little goblin's ego would never allow it. After 50 years in the bowels of government bureaucracy, his narcissism has suppressed his "mea culpa" instinct along with his ethics. Fauci is completely incapable of feeling shame and guilt.

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Oct 10, 2022Liked by James Lyons-Weiler

Pfft. The little goblin's ego would never allow it. After 50 years in the bowels of government bureaucracy, his narcissism has suppressed his "mea culpa" instinct along with his ethics. Fauci is completely incapable of feeling shame and guilt.

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Forgot one, criticizing Fauci is actually criticizing science / Wrong 

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Excellent! Any "admissions" we here will have the purpose of furthering their agenda. There will be no gotcha moment.

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