I will gladly join twatter when this censorship of the nasty truth is revealed on that platform. We deserve a real truthseeking open platform, and insist on it.

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Agree Twitter is a useless platform for free speech. Elon Musk is late to the party after nearly three years and a deep state operative too boot.

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It is a distraction from the International Health Regulations to the WHO Treaty. See jamesroguski.substack.com. We are two thirds through the sci-fi horror movie, Dr. Jack.

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LOL. Tell me when you become a scientist James.

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Alas I cannot tweet about the objectivity of scientists as my objective tweet on science matters got me permanently suspended

here is my perfectly reasoned tweet pointing out the complete dearth of any evidence in the literature supporting a contagious entity creating a pandemic

‘@mdccclxx Well, you definitely won't 'catch it' cos a virus doesn't exist, but IFR for 'COVID' is dependent on so many variables; age, obesity, solitary confinement (aka care homes), euthanasia, ventilation, toxic antivirals it's not very helpful. VFR a cleaner clearer sort of stat I think’

‘Infection’ refers to a ‘positive’, which is an arbitrary threshold level for a test that is nonspecific (ie it was never shown where the nucleotides came from, because a ‘virus’ was never purified) and uncalibrated (ie the correlation of the test with a diagnosis was never validated).

There is NO EVIDENCE that a virus exists or is the cause of any illness. Interesting, I think, that they really don’t want anyone to say that.

Seems to me if we can get this lie well and truly clear in our minds, they will have NO POWER over us. We certainly won’t be tricked into another economy destroying lockdown.

I don't think they liked the sound of no power. And we can't go round continually reading scientific sources and pointing out their lies. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/what-they-really-dont-want-us-talking

There follows a short convo with Mike Yeadon updated in August following his statements that indeed a pandemic did not happen and that colds and flu are not caused by viruses.



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I have little optimism about twitter, or any centralized platform for that matter.

This is why I'm a big advocate for adopting Federated social media. There are some great instances beyond the heavily moderated "mastodon network" but it's useful to just start somewhere to learn.

One thing is for sure, no matter what: This isn't the end of information control.

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