A bit odd he claims it increases blood pressure. Haven't seen that alleged before.

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Anecdotal but my stepdad started having crazy blood pressure spikes intermittently after he went out and got his shots. He's doubled and boosted, despite my attempts to talk him out of it.

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Please allow me to indulge my inner Alex Jones (who finally met his match with Ye it appears) for a split lipid nanoparticle second.

Bill Gates is a vaccine pimp, correct? He's also the world's biggest Farmer Brown, right? The WEF wants us to eat bugs, to be poor and happy, no?

Scientists want to use mosquitoes to vaccinate people. 'Flying syringes' as one madman scientist put it.

Now they want to put that shit in everything including livestock and plants.

They're now assaulting farmers in Holland and Canada. There's talk they want people to 'register' their home gardens. They may even do bad gardening outright - for climate change of course.

My math is decent but this all adds up to: What the hell?

There's some kind of plan in play and I don't want to play.

Maybe it's too late? The outcry should have happened long ago. The mad scientists are far ahead on this track and well-funded and protected.

If these mRNA serums wane and don't stop transmission or prevent infection, then why do they want to put a 'needle in every arm' so badly? What's in these things? Is there something in them that permanently alters our immune system? With rumours that the U.S. military is the point guard in all this, would it surprise anyone that there may be more to this story?

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Ludwig von Mises called it "destructionism".

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Or the prequel to the walking dead.

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Its called genocide.

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Apparently, when it's your own Government trying to kill you, it's Democide.

I just learned that recently so am passing it along so that we have the right terminology when we speak about how we are being killed off !!

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o United States D.O.D issued a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before COVID-19 officially existed


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 Military Secrets in the Covid Vaccines (FOIA Request): Italian Judge


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 Company Linked to CIA Now Making MmRNA for Murderna’s Reformulated COVID Booster Shots


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Johnny, it's all part of The Great Reset, which the World Economic Forum explains in great detail on its website. Here's a brief summary. https://dystopianliving.substack.com/p/meet-klaus-schwab-the-man-behind

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Brilliant researcher...wearing a mask.

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Disclaimer of Liability ™

Whilst we endeavor to make our products toxic (1,291 side effects), we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about their efficacy and safety.

We cannot guarantee that your gene 144 won’t be deleted, your X / Y Chromosome won’t be inverted, your gene 69-70 won’t be deleted or mutated, that you may experience loss-of-function due to protein folding, that your gene E1, E3, E4 won’t be deleted, that you won’t receive shots full of magnetic graphene oxides, nano-biosensors and self-integrated bio-circuits (motherboards, transistors, routers, antennas, etc…).

We do not guarantee that you won’t be MAC Addressed as per Clown Schwab’s instructions (COVID -19 is a rare but narrow window of opportunity to rethink, reinvent, reset our world), that your Cancer Fighting CD8 T Cells won’t be suppressed.

“Let's be clear, the future is not just happening; the future is built by us, a powerful community here in this room. We have the means to impose the state of the world (Clown Schwab, Davos 2022)”.

By using our products you agree that you automatically become legally a trans-human and therefore our property since you are GM-modified using our patented MmRNAs (CERTIORARI 12–398).

Trans-humans do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state and this applies worldwide. Our patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.

Any reliance you place on our products is therefore strictly at your own risk.

We care,

CEOs Murderna & Schizer.


Dr. Red Pill Fact Checker: They make sh$t!

o Schizer (1minute video)


o Murderna (1minute video)


o Micro-Tech in COMIRNATY Quackcine – New Zealand D SOS


o How to Detect your MAC Address (e.g: “Pfizer borg 00:00:5e:00:53:af”)


o Micro-Tech Patents (50) – Charles Lieber – Caught!


o Covid-19 Quackcines Worldwide Democide - 1,291 Side Effects – Schizer Approval Document Reveals


o Suppression of Cancer Fighting CD8 T Cells - 100% of People Tested pre and post Covid-injections.


o Safe and Defective: 16 German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Dropping Dead.


o Schizer Massive Data Fraud: Time to Lock them all Up!


o How Bad is my Batch?


o The Covid Lies of the Century


o Murderna Quackcine Patented 9 Months Before Plandemic on 2019-03-28


o Covid-19 Plandemic Blueprint – RKM Lockstep 2010 Report.


o Event 201, a High-level Pandemic Exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York


o 50 Efficacy Studies that Rebuke Vaccine Mandates


o United States D.O.D issued a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before COVID-19 officially existed


 Ten different surveys all show the vaccines are not "safe and effective" -- not even close


 CastruDoh | Covid Terrorism, Murder, and Racketeering


 We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable!


 Planned Worldwide Infanticides


 'Blow-up Pandemic Mortuary' Set up in 2019 - UK


 EXCLUSIVE: Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died” – crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles and fibrous structures


 Graphene COVID Kill Shots: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself


 Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID Vaccines Are Producing Unusual And Surprising Numbers Of Cancers


 The "Safe and Defective" narrative is falling apart


 "The Elites are Planning to Kill Billions of People" -- Prime Minister of Malaysia (2015)


 New evidence has been submitted to the ICC alleging World Governments are complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity - includes a sworn affidavit from Prof. Luc A. Montagnier.


 Boris Johnson's Father Wants to Reduce Britain’s Population to Around "10 or 15 million" by 2025. (2012)


 We’re at over 7 Billion right now, so we need to bring that down to 1 Billion. (2minutes)

- Dennis Meadows, Club of Rome (2022)



 CDC Caught Deleting 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From VAERS Website.


 University Of Illinois Professor Knew COVID-19 Leaked Long Ago


 Moneypox Outbreak is Linked to mRNA Quackcines. Israeli Professor is Censored but Not Silenced


 Scientific Debate Rejected by the Federal Government – Ministry of Truth Preferred.


 Military Secrets in the Covid Vaccines (FOIA Request): Italian Judge


 Uruguay Judge Alejandro Recarey ordered “the immediate suspension of Covid-19 vaccinations in children under 13 years of age”. Schizer refuses to answer 20 questions.


 Doctor Discovers the Vaccinated Emit Electromagnetic Signals & Bluetooth Identification Codes&Nanoprocessors



 "Ba.5 Booster" is Medical Quackery, Promoted by Covid Vaccine Charlatans


 Company Linked to CIA Now Making mRNA for Moderna’s Reformulated COVID Booster Shots


 WEF Adviser (Yuval Noah Harari): Davos Doesn’t Need The Vast Majority Of The Population. (Quackcines Needed!)


 Bill & Melinda Gates’ Institute of Population Control - Video


 Sen. Ron Johnson: Plandemic Politics & America’s Covid Cartel.

Schizer Vice President admits live that there is no established relationship between quackcine induced antibodies (proven non-neutralizing!) and infection, disease, transmission or death prevention/ reduction.

Safe & Defective (Immunization) = Scientific Fraud of the Century!!!.


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Quackcines. Perfect.

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Murderna. It just gets better, at least linguistically.

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