I appreciate the gesture of allowing people to leave these places and I don’t doubt that their quality courses and material but I think your target audience is perhaps people like me who are trying to get off the fucking welfare racket Who have the time for Syd later but can barely afford that I’m out for groceries in a given week course material that if motivated I can adequately source all of myself thank you very much .

So sorry for being annoyed but that’s more than I can spend on groceries in a week Even if it’s the best course in the world on the topic I have the time but I don’t have the money. I’d like to support but I can’t .

How much of an impact inflation is having two years ago I might have opted to save up for two months and make that choice

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* Target audience that was incredibly rude * a target audience I’m sure with my broken cell phone screen I’m not coming across as particularly intelligent or worthy of time and that’s just fine I’m not here to argue

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But if people don’t have enough money target people who have enough time and there are plenty Unfortunately short a free It’s out of reach however humble the prices may be for your sacrifices Anyone who could pay those prices would is the cost of a single new edition textbook in college Significance isn’t lost on anyone who spent enough time failing in college to know at least that.

The only course of fundamental value and my college experience and I failed it three times because I hated it seemed absurd was is research methods And I was the best thing and best education I ever got I have been the decisive difference between me and other people just simple stuff Boolean search how to apply it and why.

Teacher spent 20 minutes of the rating the retards myself included who in their grolinesiness signed a petition ban dihydrogen monoxide and was holding the proof in his hand .

 Really simple stuff can make the biggest difference And has the biggest economy of time money words everything if you can accurately identify what the problem is and very often it’s some sort of subtlety flawed  predicate or heuristic .

Do you want force multipliers? Weaponised the bums like me, the welfare state.

Seems to work pretty Fucking well for the people who go into a lot of these problems hahahaha.

Sorry for the grammar spelling and What word that is not correct I’m using voice to text due to broken screen on cell phone.

Anyone who took the time to decipher that garbage thank you

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Comment deleted
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There is always, the possibility of extra; punctuation!?!?!?

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I’ll ask Siri she was typing

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