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thank you, in my case i have retired early so have the time yet money is tight but will consider...

this being a topic of passion for me since being a teenager, mid 1970's, and becoming concerned about how commercial TV was warping everyone's mind in dark ways...

however, i perceived no way to monetize this passion so it became a long-term self-directed interest which finally provided some valuable worthiness in that within two weeks i had figured out covid was a plandemic/feardemic...

anyway, i am, have been since covid started, like in a feeding frenzy around this topic, and now that i have some degree of solid understanding of what Mattias Desmet is proposing, have finally figured out who NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller is, then adding Dr. Mark McDonald's perspective might be a good next person...

so wonder is he going to cover the Trump side of this, like my background is more like Del Bigtree, so when i have tried to talk to my more leftist friends i get accused of being a Trump fan, and then when i talk to my Trump fan friends i get the following...

"As for your belief that Trump "failed because he sold out to big pharma," the original goal of the globalists was to use the plandemic to keep countries around the world locked down for years and years waiting on a vaccine. This would have destroyed the economy, people's freedoms and paved the way for the Great Reset agenda.

So its pretty clear to see Trump was playing an optics game. Operation warp speed brought a vaccine solution in less than a year, so in the final calculus, this greatly minimized the fallout, which would have been much, much worse than what we're seeing play out currently. All Trump did was turn their plandemic narrative on its head. By claiming to be pro-vaccine and anti-mandate, he avoided the political weaponization that would have been used against him if he opposed a vaccine outright. Again, optics are important, this is a very nuanced game."

which just blows my mind about how the propaganda/gaslighting works both sides...

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I like this topic, James, along with many of your other offerings. I wonder if much of what you have on offer is suitable for high school aged children. Oh, and that cutoff date did fool me momentarily; nonetheless, I still checked my calendar to verify how many days in September. :-)

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Great stuff. By the way I've been using the terms "legit-left" and "real-right" for a while now. RFK Jr, Jimmy Dore would be examples of the "LL"s and Chuck Baldwin the "RR".

They stand for free speech even for those they disagree with. Lee Camp is another LL and despite the fact that he can't stand Alex Jones, Lee was one of the first to call out the censorship of Jones.

So maybe "illegitimate-left" ("ILL" sounds correct for some reason LOL).

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How refreshing to watch this overview after two years of being pummeled by media. Looking forward to being able to recognize propaganda that I may have missed. Thanks!

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Suggestion for a new course: "Conquering The Projection Urge": How To Stop Accusing Others Of Your Own Flaws".

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