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This is a real problem, but the fundamental problem is the totalitarian system that you cannot opt out of, and generally supported by both sides here.


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"Rather than work to reconcile differences with Helsinki, US companies, and the US government came up with a different international standard called “Good clinical practice” - standards in place in the EU (codified as Directive 2001/20/EC), and the US (enforced as policy by NIH), all backed by Pharma."

This follows the Monsanto-Rockefeller-Gates pattern with genetically engineered foods where a loophole was created called "substantial equivalent" where trivial nutrient measures were used to declare gmo forms equal to traditional foods and no differences considered in declaring them the same under the law. Nothing works as well as changing the basis for measuring. Despite global campaigns claiming FDA approval as safe these novel creations are supported by nothing more than Monsanto believes. Profiteer claims are a great "safe & effective" measure.


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