I have been finding selected Substack posts from a variety of authors in my MS Exchange Server quarantine area, flagged as spam. This classification appears to be based upon a simple scan of the subject line. In particular, mention in the subject of a particular low-cost, proven antiviral whose name starts with "I" will land the post in quarantine every time.

I use a small business edition of cloud-based Microsoft 365 that provides me with a virtual Exchange Server. I don't know if the consumer version does the same thing.

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I don't have issues with Gmail marking even the most anti Establishment substacks as spam or promotions...

But I fixed it a while ago, before authors were reporting being marked as spam.

How, you ask?

By setting up separate filters for each substack, each going to its own subfolder.

The checked rules are as follows:

From (in this case, popularrationalism@substack.com)

Skip inbox


Put in folder (add your label)

Hopefully this helps someone out.

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