Great article James. Thank you for all you're doing to fight these monsters, thieves, hypocrites and villains. They MUST feel the weight of their actions. Especially the journalists.

Journalism needs to be reclaimed by people who are objective and desire truth above all. That's a tall order, due to the money, politics, and power that comes with "getting the message out".

Meanwhile, the fallout continues to be very real, and the fruit of their actions is going to be felt for years.


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Steaming dumpster fire burns on. Excellent article!

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The idiocy and hypocrisy is hard to tolerate at times, although I continue to giggle at this outbreak (although I don't wish anyone severe illness). It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that covid broke out at this vaccinated event. Will it change the policies these people support? Denial and not admitting they've been wrong may prevail.

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They already have a terribly severe “illness” - of the worst kind ...obfuscation of truth for power,control & money

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James, Love your stuff but you are wrong about HIPAA. HIPAA (about which I have testified because it has many other issues) only applies to "Covered Entities" -- all of which are health care providers and insurers. There is NOTHING in HIPAA to prevent an employer from telling anyone anything about you, or a newspaper person from reporting who at an event got COVID. The suspension of HIPAA rules you cited came from HHS because it only applies to HHS-related entities -- WaPo is not one of them.

There are other privacy laws and practices that might be invoked vis-à-vis disclosing personal information (but these are more doxing-like than HIPAA-like) but HIPAA does not apply to this case.

The fact that they are all idiots anyway is still true.

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Many disagree 100% - e.g., have a read here from these HR experts:


"What are Common Examples of HIPAA Infractions?

Examples of common HIPAA violations include the following:

Failure to perform a risk analysis

Failure to promptly release information to patients

Unauthorized access to medical records (insider snooping)

Missing patient signatures

Releasing information to an undesignated party

Distributing unauthorized health information

Releasing the wrong patient’s information

Use of unsecured devices for storing private health information.


Then there is this civil outcome


Some read the law as "It depends on whether and how an employer uses an employee's private health information" "However, IF the HR Department never uses the PHI to communicate information about an individual’s past, present, or future medical condition, the provision of healthcare to an individual, or the payment for the provision of healthcare, the PHI – and therefore the employer – are not subject to the Privacy Rule. There has been no transmission of or communication with respect to the PHI; therefore, the employer is not a covered entity. "

If the employer DOES transmit the information, they are at risk of violating the spirit and intent of HIPAA https://compliancy-group.com/hipaa-law-and-employers/

Any employer that/who reveals, without permission, who among the employees has cancer, or is HIV+, or who is pregnant is in most reads of HIPAA prior to COVID-19 in violation. HIPAA itself specifically protects our medical information.

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James, I am not a lawyer (and I do not play one on TV) but I am heavily involved in this space as a physician. But here is an opinion from a good law firm on the issue.


So perhaps there is some dissonance in the field. But the general thinking among half a dozen HIPAA lawyers I called before posting this (just to make sure things have not changed; sad I know so many lawyers in this space -- I agree) is that, in general, this law is about health care organizations. Sometimes health care organizations are employers as well, but if one is not a Covered Entity, it is difficult to see how one claws back to HIPAA. Other privacy foundations, perhaps. But not HIPAA.

Or perhaps I am wrong. It has happened. But I do not think so.

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I've been a cancer patient advocate since the early 2000's. I cannot share information about specific patients' cases. Researchers who do not provide health care and are not part of any health care organization must de-identify patient data or they are in violation. I was embedded in UPITT and worked in UPCI/UPMC research from 2002 onward and yes, healthcare organizations must comply. But personal health information is to be kept private under HIPAA under threat of legal and civil lawsuits, and all of them are worth a careful read. Cheers.

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Hypocrisy and stupidity on full display.

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Thanks James! Another great example of diving deep to expose the lies, coverups & hypocrisy! Keep it up - you’re one of the best 🙏

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Great article, thanks for this. Hopefully the servants at the Gridiron Dinner, no doubt required to mask and probably test, too, didn’t get infected.

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The stench of hypocrisy from the DC political elite cesspool is wafting across the whole country. It's as if the clowns at a circus rolled around in elephant shit and think it's deodorant. Prove of vax that doesn't stop transmission was required to attend??? They are playing make believe --- hey we got injected with this shit so let's make believe it works. A bigger problem for them than covid is the infection in their brains. Sick, sick, people. Their souls done took a cab.

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How this doesn't wake EVERYONE up I don't know. What a cackle of miscreants who with their malfeasance have malevolently ruined the lives of millions. The abject stark hypocrisy is appalling as it is engaging. Dante's 'Inferno' needs updating.

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Apr 11, 2022·edited Apr 11, 2022

why were they even tested after leaving the dinner? because they felt sick? so what was the point of being "fully vaccinated" again? i guess at least they didn't have to wear masks during dinner. that's something...

this has happened on cruise ships from which those of us unclean are forbidden. a ship of entirely vaccinated (clean/ safe) people far out to sea, not near any land, out in the open air suddenly becomes a super spreader event.

what does that tell you? aside from the fact that the vaccines don't work. maybe that the virus is a passenger and doesn't necessarily cause the disease? maybe that if we tested everyone for it, we'd find it everywhere in sick people, in healthy people, in dogs, cats and hamsters?

i remember the AIDS crisis. my friend Abe read an obituary of a co-worker. the last line of the obit read proudly "he died with a viral load of zero." but he still died. meanwhile Abe had a good job, no symptoms, seemed perfectly healthy AND had a high viral load. AND wasn't dead!

i blurted out what seemed to me an obvious truth- "they're measuring the wrong thing!" nothing that's happened since then has changed my mind

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Thank you for illuminating the HIPAA hypocrisy! This is but one example of the overarching arrogance of the elites who have seized control of our democratic republics and other nations in an unprecedented power grab. Our book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, documents how the healthcare systems of nations have been overpowered as well as the globalist entities, from billionaires to predatory capitalists, technocrats, and more--all those whom we call the Global Predators. We must fully expose these predators because they mean to continue to seize control of every aspect of our worlds until "we own nothing." They also promise "we will be happy," but that is a lie.

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"Yet the press is acting as though they need to protect the identity of their own."

This crap gives me such a big time cramp, hypocrisy with attitude. Suddenly the gang of presstitutes who doxxed $5-10 buck donors to Truckers Freedom Convoy and cheered as working stiffs had bank accounts frozen in retaliation for peaceful protests opposing medical mandates. It's a misnomer say what these vile, unscrupulous creatures do is journalism.

Not to trivialize your wonderful piece with a rant but the arrogant indifference makes me hotter than a hornet. It's beyond mind-boggle, evil seeds everywhere flourishing in deep sh*t and darkness. I read you a fair amount but typically it leaves me speechless. Efforts like yours are priceless, spotlighting the systemic destruction of rights is Herculean task. Hunting loopholes, exemptions and booby traps planted by Capitol Mobsters is a pro sport. Big time kudos and thanks from the peanut gallery for the heart, stamina and fantastic investigative reporting. :~)

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Apr 12, 2022·edited Apr 12, 2022

Bunch of criminal idiots!

Problem we have so far: the "Elite" is made of ignorant idiots...

It wasn't like that 40/50 yrs ago, the Elite was because they had a higher level of education and experience, now they are just a bunch of common criminals that were at the right place with the right person at the right time! XD

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