It is all graphene / nanotechnology poisoning

So, those CRIMINALS just added THIS to the "vaccine" "schedule": ALC-0315 and ALC-0159

Intended for research purposes. Not suitable for human or veterinary diagnostic or therapeutic use


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Oct 21, 2022·edited Oct 21, 2022

That's not graphene oxide. That's a LNP. If a bakery sells jelly donuts and croissants, that doesn't mean the croissants are jelly donuts.

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No graphene oxide or microcomputer chips were detected in any of the vials that were analyzed by this group

Dr. Kevin McCairn also found no Graphene Oxide signal with SEM/EDX analysis.

I believe another researcher in Canada also found none.

Nobody qualified to do the work has found any yet.

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They are self-assembling structures. They aren't just made of graphene (according to the existing patents and studies)

If you listen to what Dr. Trozzi says:

- Metallic foreign bodies. Metallic objects were found in all Pfizer and AstraZeneca vials studied, and some Johnson and Johnson vials. The Comirnaty vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer exhibits the highest amount of unusual structures.

- Many undeclared substances including metals of varying levels of toxicity were found. AstraZeneca, BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna contained:

Alkali metals cesium (Cs) and potassium (K)

alkaline earth metals calcium (Ca) and barium (Ba)

transition metals cobalt (Co)

iron (Fe)

chromium (Cr) and titanium (Ti)

rare earth metals cerium (Ce) and gadolinium (Gd)

and the mining metal aluminum (Al)

the elements silicon (Si) and Sulphur(S).

- extreme of “rouleaux formation”; and profoundly decreased red blood cell stability and survival

- Various crystalline structures

In my opinion, these are amyloid plaques.

- a strong and consistent correlation between the quality of nanoparticles in each ¨vaccine¨ batch and the degree of death and adverse events associated with that batch

What this actually means is that they will have varying levels of toxicity

As for graphene, it may not be in those Pfizer vials, but it can be in saline solution, and it can be delivered in a variety of other ways

Dr. Trozzi doesn't dismiss the graphene idea, just reports on this particular study

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So why are you claiming they contain graphene oxide?

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Graphene certainly IS in almost all masks, PCR tests, many drugs and food products. it may be sprayed as biocide (chemtrails). It may be (and most probably is) in saline solution that dilutes those C-19 injections

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The Science (TM) says it was from a natural source: bat soup.

The scientific method accumulated data points that requires the generation of alternate hypotheses to disprove. Time consuming and requiring attention to detail and process.

Which one has yet to be disproven?

Bat soup was easy to generate and was much easier to disprove.

But the Science (TM) has the cudgel of force, compliance and farce.

Once those wear off, the Science (TM) has no place to hide.

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Oh...it came out of a lab, alright...a BIOWEAPONS Lab - and no, it was NO ACCIDENT. It's part of a Covert Operation...and those don't rely upon serendipity and lucky accidents. They are TIME-PHASED. The prep work was laid out over years, if not decades. Event 201 wasn't just a "coincidence" - anymore than the event 'predicting' the MonkeyPox outbreak was.


I know that as a scientist that you're a 'man of the cloth', as it were - and need to choose your words carefully. But I don't think that we should automatically exclude the possibility of a DELIBERATE RELEASE. They built it for a reason - and the one that they offer up sounds like nonsense... Meanwhile - plans for Technocratic Totalitarian Tyrrany, and Global Depopulation events were ongoing, and running in parallel...so let's not ignore those.

And let's not forget that the timeline being pushed, is probably fraudulent. "The Greenspring Outbreak" was in July of 2019, in Maryland (just like Ft. Detrick). https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2019/07/17/third-person-has-died-after-respiratory-illness-outbreak-greenspring-village-fairfax-officials-say/ - and that appears to have the same symptoms as both Covid, AND "Mysterious Vaping Illness".

The CDC, working with several State and local Health Agencies (and the DOJ and the Pentagon), had been 'gunning' for the vapes, for several years. I recall the City Council in Santa Monica (one of the most authoritarian anti-smoking/vaping/MMJ Cities in all of California, if not the entire Planet) collaborating with the clusterfuck known as the LA County Department of Public Health, going back to the later 2000's - on "anti-smoking" ordinances that made no distinctions between Cigarettes, Vapes/e-cigs, and MMJ (in whatever delivery vehicle), and seemingly doing so intentionally. They did this despite the lack of any viable public health rationale, for prohibitions against the latter two categories of inhaled products. So clearly, the "Mysterious Vaping Illness" outbreak (still an 'unsolved mystery', btw) - was used as an opportunity to advance plans which predated it (just like Covid). And that to me shows the outlines of a coordinated campaign of Covert Operations and PSYOPS... Not an unlucky series of events (for us - very lucky for the people who had drawn up those plans).

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No shit

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JLW, yes sir.. totally synthetic origin.. aint no doubt it.. Big Brother had this Big Plan all mapped out several years ago... Premeditated, Maniacal, and as Ruthless as any previously hatched on planet Earth.. Big Brother, no one gets away with something this... nope.. your days are numbered and growing shorter... see you in Nuremberg..

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What took researchers so long to find evidence for what we've long suspected? The speed of (real) science is pretty damn slow--not quite as slow as the courts. Oh boy, are we in trouble now. The conspiracy is out in the open. When their propaganda fails, they'll resort to force.

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Occam’s Razor states Lab created.

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Dr. Li-Meng Yan talked about restriction sites a long time ago. Good to see more evidence.

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