Can someone get Dr Hazan to say which probiotics to buy to get Bifidobacterium?

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I feel that all kinds of probiotics TRAIN your immune system. THis is not what you want, especially, if you have to calm down from chronic inflammation.


What bugs you offer your system are taken into the family is all up to your-SELF, litereally meaning the definition of your entity: what is me, and what is "outside world".

So far I learned that the biome is dynamic, that some bugs regularly need to be replenished, so biome is no self-running static thing, we HAVE to offer it "family extensions".

But is it really important that we find expensive pills claiming this and that and 18 stems here and 15 stems there, or isn't it rather more successful to offer our biome some dosing of another biome? And any plant, any animal, any soil if healthy, HAS a biome. Even rooms have biomes, and in good biome rooms your sour dough bread is delicious and turns out well, and in some rooms, it will not bake to anything other than a wet brick. So cure the room. I found some, not all, EM helpful: Effective Microorganisms. I think the japanese guy invented this named Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa (from agricultural research, applied to human living)

So I was given as a present 1L EM made in DE, after the findings of the inventror, and I take a gulp of a few ml sometimes of the fluid where it is imprinted "for cleaning purposes in household, 1L 10$). If you do it on empty stomach well diluted, the water runs through your stomach without much stomach acid, so some little friends will survive.

But of course you can well spend some 3-500x the amount...

So you have to persuade your immune system to be calm and open to the word, THEN perhaps a missing bug is replaced by a quite suiting one coming by.

Xylitol may help there, but limit its dosing (was told perhaps some TeaSpoon a day may suffice, too much is rather harmful again), and perhaps Lactoferrine or colostrum products, I have to dig into this.

And all kinds of things re-juvenating the immune system, which is possible, herbal rotating cures, also fasting, if you tolerate it, use at least some vegetable broth (alas no real calories and no spice very reduced salt), I found "Buchinger Heilfasten" very good.

(And you can breed very philosophically about this YOU and WORLD, for here : the definition stored in your immune system, but for another day: your thinking defines your immune system of tomorrow, the exosomes your cells express, the messages going fro and to, and to the world, up to russian information therapy: your mind-set and thinking and meditation today DEFINES the material reality of tomorrow.)

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You can buy bifidobacterium on Amazon

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I have an in person event tonight. Can I get a recording of this?

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Participants shall get one. So far not. Perhaps they have to edit the video.

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Jun 13, 2023·edited Jun 13, 2023

She said she recommended one little farmer, because his yoghurt really worked to lessen symptoms on crohn's patients, and a month later he burnt down to ground. She observed that similar things, like magic bakruptcies, follow her "advices". She refrains from any mentioning of nice little companies or farmers now. So she surely is on the right tracks, and the system shows its teeths if you are. Listen to her, and she will teach you what to look out for to discriminate the "make money now" junk from the real thing (that has some energy of life stored for you. Guess what you get from a big factory;)

I discovered that I can try EM, effective microorganisms, which are all a biome, and there are thousands of it.

Also, people baking bread for a hobby exchange their sour dough seeds.

You just use some flour of the sort the dough came from, rye normally, to shock-dry a bit of dough by slitting it up in little crumples. After a while, the bacteria in it, the biome of the dough, retreat to "statis" mode. There, they can survive drought and even the freezer. Or sending them out in an envelope. So there are private exchange bazars, mostly you just have to send a stamped envelope.

If you re-read this with a human biome perspective, you have the recipe for preserving human biome as well. Hm.

We did this before our son had to swallow quite hard antibiotics after a tooth pin implant.

We used healing earth as a "draught enforcer".

And some capsule from a pre-biotic "small-intestine solvable" ie. stomach-acid resitant to bring back the family into the system after the antibiotic treatment was well over.

Just ask myself why this is no medical standard procedure. Too healthy probably.

I think the "measures" of CoV deliberately prevented people from filling up their gaps in the biome. Masks, all this hand washing (against a _respiratory_ virus? Where everey 1000ths infection was surface-based only?), distancing, school and kindergarden closing: re-interpret this from the species "bifido" world-wide and report to their boss. Bad times. But to Dr. Haza, we are the container for the bugs, and THEY control us, how we fare, if we strive or perish.

(And indeed, pathogenic yeast etc. DO control behaviour: they make you addict to sugar, 4x more hefty than even heroine, prooven by rats in some experiment, they choose 4x more often the glycose dose over the heroine injection. The slides of images from "sugar addicted" rats do not differ from heroine addict rats: you can see the morphological changes of addiction alike.)

So do not take sugar addiction in your environment in the usual gas-lighing way, but be frindly to the addict and cover a cake or sweets by some towel. This often is enough. But seeing sweets all day is cruel, and perhaps, in the evening, leads to some "eat attack" of something completely different, but of similar effect : the yeasts feast!

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