Me: the Covid virus was NEVER more threatening than seasonal flu

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“We epidemiologists were repeatedly told it was someone else’s job” to worry about these things, he writes. But “whose? Nothing was ever made public.”

We. Epidemiologists! The Musical!

Anyway. Except, they were worrying about these things. Here in Canada, epidemiologists (the ones on TV and radio anyway) all kept doing the 'wear a mask' dance, oddly supported passports, called for lockdown and other treats that contributed to fracturing the civil order. They played an outsized role in dividing people up. How could they not see these futile restrictions without a shred of empirical evidence to back them up (yeh, yeh, together they provided 'layers of protection'. Except if each on its own is next to useless how can they on the aggregate make a difference? 0+0 = 0 Apparently, according to people like Tam and Fauci, it equalled 1. ) would have an overall negative effect on public health? That it would foster distrust in science and medicine?

While you're at it, send a copy of the book to Theresa Tam, Isaac Boguch, Colin Furness, David Fisman and Timothy Caufield.

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Has the world gone insane...

The year the world went mad...


We are and have always been a mad species. This IS humanity.

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Thanks for sharing this James

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