OK. This is all known now, regardless of which governmental entities acknowledge it.

Rational arguments have gotten us nowhere. I'd suggest building the ramparts with law firms willing to face the govt. with class action lawsuits. If past is prologue, those would need decades to achieve even the most modest of victories and many of the already-harmed won't be around to see them, so starting now is urgent. Enough of the earnest "see how right we were?" Time for the big cannons.

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Yeh, it's getting us nowhere. They're doubling and tripling down. Here in Canada, if only you'd know how completely incoherent and unhinged it's become.

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.....I just sent MA House Speaker Spilka an email making EXPLICIT, the GRAVE physical danger she and Legislature were posing to the state, its citizens; exposure to SEVERE legal consequences including (for HER, them) PRISON time - and communicated MUCH the same message to DOH & the Governor's Office.....will it do ANY good? HAD to at least TRY and get through their THICK, co-opted HEADS.....

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Are you following Leemullerhindsightis20/22 and bailiwicknews.substack.com? Bailiwick describes the legal history of our current situation and Lee proposes actions we can and should all take to contact our representatives. The WHO is shopping codicils to the worldwide treaty usurping our constitutional rights as we speak.

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Oh, I'm all TOO aware, Carole - Maria Zeee reported on SOME of the specifics earlier this week :(

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I, and two others spoke with an aide to my assemblyman via zoom yesterday. We presented the stats of injury from the DOD, we showed the injuries from the the partial release of Pfizer's own clinical data. Then it was his turn, his tone changed and became patronizing, as he explained that his office trusted the CDC and FDA, and took their guidance from them. He said that in the face of the evidence we presented. He was impervious to hearing the facts. He said to forward the slides and info presented. Will he read it, or if he does will it matter? I don't think so.

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.....at least - for better or worse, admittedly in THIS climate - you SAID your piece, Margaret.....NOT much ELSE that CAN be done with these political creatures of habit :(

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True, I did what I could in that particular scenario!

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Sorry you were barred from speaking directly with your assemblyman. I get emails from Americans for Limited Government (ALG) which gives me to ability when important issues arise to immediately send an email to my elected representatives. Of course, every organization looks for a donation, but regardless of that request, ALG’s system delivers and I always get an acknowledgment that my email was received.

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Thanks for the info, I will look into it.

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They've submitted to incompetent government agencies filled with conflicts of interest. What can go wrong?

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When they say, "need to communicate using a common language," it is disgusting to hear. What that very obviously means is that they need a new propaganda line to keep the product moving. Maybe they can try: "mRNA is what the body needs-- its got electrolytes." That would fit the times I think.

Or what I saw reported on another substack where researchers found that spike protein was toxic enough to kill prostate cancer cells so they suggested using spike protein as a cancer therapy, but the catch was that they didn't test it on any normal cells at all! I guess it would have been too risky to get the honest results of exposing healthy normal cells to spike protein. So I guess they could go with: "spike protein heals prostate cancer so get boosted this week and every week."

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Are these people really that ignorant, or are they just okay with lying through their teeth?

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"We need to be thinking about how to make a better vaccine."

Lynn Bahta, RN, of the Minnesota Department of Health in Saint Paul.

The problem with this statement is...a vaccine wasn't made. What was grifted onto the world was Gene Therapy as mRNA are classified as such on the United States Security & Exchange Commission.

Filing Date March 30, 2021

Document Date December 31, 2020

Form Description Registration of securities of foreign private issuers pursuant to section 12(b) or (g)

Filing Group Annual Filings

Company BioNTech

Issuer BioNTech SE

Page 28

Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.

Our product candidates may not work as intended, may cause undesirable side effects or may have other properties that could delay or prevent their regulatory approval, limit the commercial profile of an approved label, or result in significant negative consequences following marketing approval, if any.

As with most biological products, use of our product candidates could be associated with side effects or adverse events which can vary in severity from minor reactions to death and in frequency from infrequent to prevalent. The potential for adverse events is especially acute in the oncology setting, where patients may have advanced disease, have compromised immune and other systems and be receiving numerous other therapies. Undesirable side effects or unacceptable toxicities caused by our product candidates could cause us or regulatory authorities to interrupt, delay or halt clinical trials and could result in a more restrictive label or the delay or denial of regulatory approval by the FDA, the EMA or comparable regulatory authorities. Results of our trials could reveal a high and unacceptable severity and prevalence of side effects.

Download Document:


mRNA "Vaccines" Are Gene Therapy. May cause Undesirable Side Effects That Could Delay Or Prevent Their Regulatory Approval According To BioNTech SEC Filing

The Truth About "Safe and Effective" mRNA "Vaccines" Hidden In Plain Sight:


How can they make better vaccine when they don't even know or understand that the mRNA's are not considered vaccines by the FDA. These people need to get their heads out of the sand. Or as the saying goes about people like this:

"It is difficult to get a man (or woman) to understand something when his salary depends upon his (her) not understanding it."

Upton Sinclair

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This SEC filing is so telling. So many people say the Covid mRNA shots are vaccines, yet here’s the literal writing on the wall that shows our government knows that is absolutely BS.

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Be sure to let us know if you get any ACIP takers on your free class.

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Regarding the "feelings" of medical personnel as it relates to covid vaccines, this 9-year-old girl's symptoms of MIS-C were "felt" to be caused by a prior covid infection that had gone unnoticed, when after she was hospitalized, they discovered she had antibodies. Of course her symptoms absolutely were not caused by receiving a covid shot AND a flu shot earlier that day.

VAERS ID: 2220471-1

9-year-old female

The patient presented to the hospital 11/20/21 with signs and symptoms consistent with MIS-C as detailed next, felt to be triggered by previous COVID-19 infection (SARS-COV-2 nucleocapsid antibody was positive). Symptoms began the same day she received influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations and in the context of known exposure to siblings with cold-like symptoms 1.5 months prior to admission. In detail, her symptoms began 11/15/21 with fevers of 102 -103 degF, occurring hours after receiving an influenza vaccine and her first COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer) at a well child visit earlier in the day. On day 2 of illness, she developed abdominal pain, nausea, loose stools, and her fevers continued. On day 3-4 of illness, she developed a diffuse confluent sunburn-like rash on her abdomen, chest, and face, which spread to her arms (no involvement of palms/soles). Conjunctival injection developed by day 4 of illness and the rash worsened. She was brought to the ED on day 5 of illness when she felt her vision was a little blurry, where she was found to be hypotensive requiring a fluid bolus and she was admitted to the PICU. She was found to have multisystem inflammation with acute kidney injury, coagulopathy, myocarditis with elevated serum troponins but no compromised function, and vasodilatory shock. Studies were consistent with MISC with hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, increased echogenicity of the kidneys on ultrasound, acute kidney injury with Cr of 3.6, elevated CRP, pro-calcitonin, ESR, BNP, troponin, D-dimer, and fibrinogen, hypoalbuminemia, thrombocytopenia, as well as lymphopenia (normal WBC and low absolute lymphocyte count of 800 cells/uL). Her echocardiogram showed normal ventricular function, coronary arteries and anatomy. EKG was normal. CXR was normal. Initial differential diagnosis included MISC, shock KD, toxic shock syndrome, sepsis, less likely tick-born illness (no high risk exposures). Lower extremity dopplers were normal. Sepsis/ID workup was negative by blood cultures, respiratory viral multiplex nasopharyngeal PCR panel, COVID-19 nasopharyngeal PCR, ehrlichia and anaplasma serologies and PCRs, rickettsia rickettsii serologies, and a strep A PCR test from outside pediatrics clinic was negative 2 days prior to admission. COVID-19 serologies were positive for SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antibody (qualitative) and spike antibody (titer of 182 U/mL; normal reference < 0.8 U/mL), indicating a past infection which was felt to be the trigger for her MIS-C. She was treated for MIS-C with IVIG, steroids, lovenox, and high dose aspirin. Lisinopril was given for elevated blood pressures presumably secondary to steroids. Empirical antibiotics for possible sepsis or toxic shock syndrome (ceftriaxone, clindamycin, vancomycin) were discontinued 48 hours of blood culture negativity and with no evidence of focal infection. She had excellent clinical recovery on MIS-C treatments. Pressors with norepinephrine were weaned off within 12 hours of admission, and her rash and fevers quickly resolved along with her other presenting symptoms. Inflammatory markers eventually were all improving by the day of discharge 11/24/22. She was discharged to home on weaning oral steroids, lovenox, aspirin, lisinopril. Upon hematology and cardiology outpatient follow up over the next two months (visits on 12/1/21 and 1/12/22 with repeat labs 1/3/22), she was doing well without any cardiac symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, or syncope. She was noted to have demonstrated full recovery and with no recurrence of symptoms or inflammation on repeat labs (1/3/22) after coming off the steroids (completed 12/27/21). Lovenox was stopped 12/1/21. Aspirin was stopped 1/12/22 after her vW and FVIII levels normalized indicating resolution of vasculitis. She received her second COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer) on 1/13/22. A cardiac MRI was normal on 1/24/22.

Lab data:

"Admission labs 11/20/21 showing multisystem inflammation consistent with MIS-C: - WBC 7.3, hgb 12.4, plts 77, ANC 5600, ALC 800 - ESR 30 - Procalcitonin 95.36 ng/mL - CRP 80.2 mg/L - Na 130, K 3.0, chloride 94, CO2 24, BUN 77, Cr 3.65, glucose 110 - Ca 8.2, anion gap 12 - Albumin 2.7 - Bilirubin total 0.4, alk phos 122, ALT 44 (however became abnormal 11/24/21 to 51), AST 45 (however became abnormal to 66 on 11/24/21) - Ferritin 687 - Lactic acid 0.5 - N-terminal Pro BNP 3,116 - Troponin I 0.083 - INR 0.98 - PTT 35 - Fibrinogen 529 - D-dimer 10.53 - Factor 8 assay 176 - Von Willebrand factor activity 332 % - Von Willebrand factor antigen 243% Negative infectious studies as follows, aside from positive COVID-19 antibodies indicative of previous infection, all drawn 11/20/21: - Negative aerobic blood culture - Unremarkable urinalysis (negative glucose, bili, ketones, normal spec grav, pH, protein 50, normal urobilinogen, negative nitrite, leuk esterase, blood, 4 WBCs, 1 RBC, many bacteria, 10 squamous epi, mucus present) - Negative tick born infection studies 11/20 as mentioned above in section 18 - Negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR, nasopharyngeal - Positive SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antibody (assay, qualitative) - Positive SARS-CoV-2 spike antibody, titer 182 U/mL (assay) - Negative Respiratory multiplex panel, nasopharyngeal PCR Inpatient Imaging: - CXR 11/20 normal - Echocardiogram 11/20 normal Lower extremity dopplers 11/23/21 ""IMPRESSION: No deep vein thrombosis in the right or left lower extremity."" - Complete abdominal ultrasound 11/20/21: IMPRESSION: 1. Hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, and increased echogenicity of the kidneys (indicating medical renal disease) are all findings that could be seen in MISC. 2. No appreciable ascites"" Repeated labs throughout the hospital stay 11/20 û 11/24 all showed eventual improving values Repeat labs after discharge on 1/3/22 had all completely normalized: CBC with platelets and differential, CMP, CRP, ferritin, N-terminal pro BNP, INR, PTT, D-dimer, factor 8 assay, von Willebrand activity and antigen assays Outpatient imaging after discharge: 1/12/22 EKG normal 1/12/22 echocardiogram normal 1/24/22 cardiac MRI: ""IMPRESSION: 1. Normal cardiac MRI."""

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Apr 23, 2022·edited Apr 23, 2022

So, what you are saying is that her parents and her doctors are now murderers. I’m serious. Any follow ups ? So she’s 100 % “fine now? Huh?

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Apr 22, 2022Liked by James Lyons-Weiler

I definitely believe they do need your class Dr. Jack! But, you might need to add a few weeks to catch up the stragglers. Perhaps after taking the class, they could find the “common language” the rest of the actual scientific community is using.

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"Incidence of vaccine-associated myocarditis and pericarditis were lower than after the primary series"

Since myocarditis and pericarditis are signs that the vaccines are working, lower incidence means the boosters are not working.

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Your comment: “I’m going to offer the IPAK-EDU Biology of Immunology course for free to all ACIP members.”

Loved it.

The problem is we all know they don’t need it.

Their ignorance is deliberate and willful.

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Excerpt to show the other side's irrational belief that non sterilizing vaccines stop spread, craziness.- "On Thursday, ProPublica added staff COVID-19 vaccination data to the Nursing Home Inspect database. The project already lets researchers, reporters and the public search deficiency reports and other data across more than 15,000 nursing homes in the U.S. Now, users can quickly compare staff vaccination rates across states and between nursing homes…. But with the pandemic now in its third year, thousands of workers have found a way to avoid getting vaccinated, claiming what experts say are questionable medical exemptions from a federal mandate for health care employees, which went into effect this year. Although few reasons exist for claiming a medical exemption, nearly 20,000 nursing home workers nationwide, or about 1 in 100, have obtained them, according to a ProPublica analysis of federal data…. Dr. Jana Shaw, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse who studies vaccine hesitancy, said she thinks medical exemptions are being abused. “Previous research has shown, as we started mandating vaccinations, people will find avenues to get out of the obligation of getting vaccinated,” she said…. The consequences of an unvaccinated staff can be deadly… The CDC recommends that even people who had a nonserious allergic reaction to a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine take the full course. Only those with truly life-threatening allergies to the vaccine or one of its ingredients should avoid it, the CDC has said… Facilities with unvaccinated workers face graduated penalties that could result in losing federal funding as a “final measure,” according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that regulates nursing homes. The agency has the data to identify facilities with unusually high rates of medical exemptions, but it has instructed state inspectors to review the exemptions only during routine visits rather than during special inspections. It could be months before visits are made to some facilities…. The gaps in vaccination, the potential abuse of exemptions and the current enforcement program have advocates for residents concerned that too many nursing home workers will remain unvaccinated…. Leslie, the health researcher, said people who are reluctant to get vaccinated will seek ways around the mandates. He observed this among California schoolchildren after the state in 2015 eliminated a personal-belief exemption for vaccines kids must get to attend school. The following year, the rate of medical exemptions nearly tripled, according to his research…"by Emily Hopkins and Andrea Suozzo April 21, 2022

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Interesting / disturbing free online conference this weekend, "Stepping Into the Future" (w/ session on "Moral Enhancement").  From the "Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies". 

Sharing for FYI, I'm not affiliated with the group, nor do I know anything about them, just somehow on their mailing list. 

I can believe there's (some) people, working on "posthumanism" with good intentions, who don't see these lines being crossed as violations of life itself ... who think they're the wisest ones to build the inevitable. . . Who don't understand how horrifically this can be misused, or who don't want others to understand that ...

From IEET -"This coming weekend, the Stepping Into the Future conference has session on "Moral Enhancement" - Are we fit for the future?

Arguably high degrees of moral fortitude are required for humans to coordinate through some potentially rough times ahead and avoid existential crises.

This session discusses enhancing human morality to achieve civilizational resilience, while considering freedom & autonomy.

It consists of 2 talks and a panel: Pramod K. Nayer (Hyderabad University) - Posthumanism and it's Moral Imperatives 

James Hughes (IEET) - Cyborg Virtues: Using BCIs for Moral Enhancement 

Panelists: James Hughes, PJ Manney and Pramod K. Nayer - 

Panel: Are we fit for the future?  

The three other sessions are “Engineering a Better Future”, “AI Safety & Longtermism” and “AGI Architectures & Agency” 

See more: http://www.scifuture.org/events/stepping-into-the-future/#agenda "


(In this 2010 article, J. Hughes, executive director of IEET (& author of Citizen Cyborg), says -

"If the imaginary moral community of humanity is flexible enough to expand beyond white male property-owners to all human beings surely it can expand a little further to include gorillas, cyborgs and mutants.")


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All this is about is making sure Emergency orders remain in place so EUA products can be sold. No untoward word allowed re the EUA bioweapons.

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Wait. I thought these magic potions were approved? Right. There's another lie they've accidentally let out if they will start pushing the FDA for full approval.

Other than that, it's mind boggling we're not talking about PULLING the vaccines. Alas, it looks like the FDA/CDC and other regulatory agencies need more people have to get injured or die before taking action - if any.

Pure hysteria. in its purest of pure form.

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