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IPAK-EDU Vaccine Course Unit 1 - Introduction


This is Unit 1 (Introduction) of the Vaccine Course. This unit was recorded in the fall of 2021 and the entire course remains available now ON DEMAND.


The Vaccine Course is designed to dispel many of the rumors surrounding the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Many people either now hold, or at some point have held, certain inaccurate beliefs on the use of vaccines. Central to this course is the idea that vaccines are a significant contributor to adverse health trends currently found in American children. This course is designed for everyone regardless of occupation, education level, or parental status and is sure to make you smarter in separating truth from myth when it comes to vaccines. The course is not necessarily anti-vaccine and in fact will show how, in theory, vaccines could be used safely in specific populations to provide some protection if certain precautions were taken (that are not widely taken with currently offered vaccines).

Instructor Information

Lead Instructor: André Angelantoni, Founder and Project Lead, The Vaccine Course

The course instructor became interested in health for himself by exploring ancestral diets starting in 2010. In 2015, he began looking into the negative impacts of vaccines on public health. With a background in engineering and software development, he brings logical rigor and fresh eyes to the topic of vaccines.

Course Description

In this course, students will learn via readings and reviews of primary literature facts about the history of the impact of vaccines on human health. All lectures will provide key references and a solid basis for the facts and realities of vaccines. Students will be able to use this knowledge in public discourse on vaccines in their personal lives and in interactions with others in the public square. The course includes briefing slide decks suitable to deliver to political leaders and other interested parties.

Syllabus (Subject to Change)

1. The Sickest Generation

We examine how sick American children are—including 1 in 6 with some sort of developmental disability. What is causing neurological and immune dysfunction in these children?

2. Vaccine Injury and Compensation

The United States has implemented a no-fault compensation program that promised quick and generous compensation in return for citizens taking the risk of vaccination. Instead, we learn, the program is failing badly. We also look at injury compensation systems in use in other countries.

3. Key Concepts

We investigate and clarify many important but poorly understood scientific concepts—from herd immunity to mRNA vaccines.

4. Vaccines in Developed Countries

Vaccines are mistakenly given more credit than they deserve for the reduction of infectious disease mortality in developed countries. We look at the factors that reduced the impact of infectious disease before widespread vaccination and examine smallpox and polio in depth.

5. How and Why Information Is Hidden

Vaccination holds a special place at every level of our society and thus is protected from scrutiny. We examine the forces that make it difficult to learn about risks associated with vaccination.

6. Mercury

This potent neurotoxicant causes brain and mitochondrial damage; we also learn which vaccines still use it.

7. Aluminum

We examine another potent neurotoxicant included in many vaccines because its toxic effects activate the immune system. Recent research is showing that injecting this metal impacts early brain development and promotes allergic and autoimmune responses as well as neurological damage.

8. Allergy

Injecting foreign proteins into the body, as vaccination does, will produce an allergic reaction in humans. We also examine how aluminum stimulates an allergic response.

9. Autoimmunity

The Institute of Medicine first established that vaccines can cause an autoimmune disease in 1992. We explain how vaccines can cause the immune system to turn against its host, which contributes to up to 50 million Americans suffering from an autoimmune disorder.

10. “That Paper”—The Wakefield Controversy

We look at the original work of Dr. Wakefield and examine in detail the many misconceptions that surround the infamous 1998 paper—including whether he committed research fraud. What has science discovered since his groundbreaking paper?

11. Autism

We look at all the evidence regarding vaccines and autism. We explore in detail how repeated early immune activation events can cause the neurological disorder called autism.

12. Autism Recovery

We explain how it is possible to reverse the effects of autism and look at how the effects of vaccine-induced autism were reversed in several people.

13. Conclusion

We look at the options you as an individual and our society have concerning vaccination. Given what we know now about the side effects of vaccines, what should we do next?


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