Evolutionary Theory Warns Against Adoption of Elon Musk's Strategy to Join AI and Against Systematic Modification of the Human Germ Line

A New Analysis Yields Equation that Sets a Lower Limit of Divergence Between Adopters and Non-Adopters

The equation CP = 5G^2+2G means nothing to anyone at the present time. But it describes a permanent change in the evolutionary trajectory of any part of humanity that adopts biotransformative technology. The equation predicts that adoption of biotech modification to heritable genetic variation and/or merger with AI will lead to massive biological and sociological disparities between the adopters and non-adopters. Adopters of either type of technology will surpass the rest of humanity in ways we cannot even yet describe… leading a human vs. human version of human vs super-AI scenario.

Elon Musks’s concern has been any artificial superintelligence will overwhelm us - and make humans, the creators, a trivial footnote in the evolution on non-biological intelligence on Earth. His solution is that we merge with any such intelligence. Musk, of course, has a solution… or the embryo of a tech solution… NeuralinkTM.

The equation, which revealed itself in my exploratory analysis, shows that Musk's solution is no solution at all.

While the equation might not mean much to most people now, the reader will note that equations are also a language - and the equation means

“The rate of change in cognitive plasticity in the descendant lineages of adopters of biotransformative technologies cognitive plasticity is equal to five times the amount of (artificial) genetic variation impacting heritable traits squared plus twice the amount of genetic variation impacting heritable traits”.

Not helpful? Try this - if part of humanity adopts the role of nature by adding specific variation to our genome related to what we perceive to be desirable traits, such as intelligence, and adopts interfacing with computational devices that can actually perform part of our thinking, it will evolve away from the rest of humanity at an ever-increasing rate until the biological and cultural disparities cause a massive rift in the human species as great as Musk's concern over super-AI itself.

You can see the difference between the rate of evolution of cognitive plasticity in people who adopt these technologies compared to non- adopters in this figure - published today in the journal Biological Theory.

Due to generous donations to IPAK, the paper is open access. You can read it online and share it in any forum.

After you read it, I invite you to come back here and give your reaction - positive or negative - and discuss this all-important topic.

When you read it, you will see that I am keenly interested in what humanity thinks about this problem. It’s essential to all of our future.

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