My 2020 analysis of efficacy after the first trials said 75%, not 95%. Animal studies against Wuhan mRNA spike vaccines were not enough and ADE should have been studied again with new variants.
To ignore the FDA's mandate from last December that requires they report adverse events to VAERs after the administration of COVID-19 vaccines is…
Kinda tells you what type of community you're supporting if you use YouTube. And it's a damned shame - SO many good things about YouTube!!!
In true gaslighting form, after denying they are doing it, they admit... they are doing it.
I've only been vaccine risk aware since 2015 - and I'm THRILLED there are thousands of new voices. Ricky V of The Ripple Effect asks me about this and…
You like me, you really like me!!!
Because creating viruses that are more dangerous in live monkeys on US soil is, like, the ultimate business model...
FDA cannot go any lower than to ignore the absence of legally required data from Pfizer on myocarditis
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